Pat Buchanan: Donald Trump Stole My Playbook

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From Eleanor Clift writing at The Daily Beast:

When Pat Buchanan first proposed building a fence on the Mexican border, the Republican establishment was shocked, shocked! The candidate’s sister and campaign manager, Bay Buchanan, pushed for language in the 1992 GOP platform calling for “structures” on the border. Surely you don’t mean a fence, she was told. “We’re not talking about lighthouses,” she replied.

Buchanan was talking about the evils of immigration long before Donald Trump rode the issue to the Republican nomination.

In 1992 and 1996, the former Nixon speechwriter and conservative firebrand ran for president as a Republican, his signature anti-trade and immigration diatribes inflaming party divisions and contributing to the GOP’s loss of the White House.

Unlike Trump, Buchanan was cast out of the party and treated as a fringe candidate with ideas unfit for polite company.

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