Top Hillary Surrogate John Podesta Condemns Violence Against Trump Supporters

Washington, DC

Former Bill Clinton Chief of Staff and Chair of Hillary Clinton for America John Podesta was quick to give Hillary Clinton cover for the violence that broke out against supporters of Republican presumptive nominee Donald Trump at a San Jose rally Thursday night.

Podesta tweeted:

Naturally, the New York Times was also quick to provide the presumed Democrat nominee with as much distance as possible from the ugly behavior of some of the strongest and loudest supporters of either her or fellow Democrat Bernie Sanders.

The Times highlighted Podesta’s tweet in an article with the headline “Clinton Campaign Condemns Protesters’ Violence at Trump Rally in California“:

Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman, John Podesta, condemned political violence of any kind after clashes between supporters of Donald J. Trump and protesters during the presumptive Republican presidential nominee’s rally in San Jose, Calif., on Thursday night.

Mr. Podesta posted a video on Twitter that appeared to show a Trump supporter being beaten by protesters outside of the event. The footage also showed supporters of Mr. Trump being chased by protesters as a “Make America Great Again” hat was set on fire.

“Violence against supporters of any candidate has no place in this election,” Mr. Podesta wrote.