Pat Caddell: New York Times and Washington Post Newsrooms Engaged in ‘Jihad Against Donald Trump’

Democratic presidential candidate former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton speaks during a campaign rally at Hartnell College on May 25, 2016 in Salinas, California.
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images
Washington, DC

Veteran political strategist Pat Caddell tells SiriusXM hosts Stephen K. Bannon and Alex Marlow on Breitbart News Daily that a source “with those connections” who had been visiting both newsrooms who said, “My God, to go into the newsrooms of the New York Times and the Washington Post is to enter a raging jihad against Donald Trump.”

Caddell also blasted the AP for “prematurely declaring the Democratic presidential primary over, and coronating Hillary Clinton as the nominee, before Tuesday night’s important votes were cast.”

“I have to tell you, somebody’s got to say that what the AP did, in announcing that she had won, the nomination was over, on the eve of the voting of these seven primaries, was so irresponsible an act,” Caddell said. “And it was a purposefully irresponsible act, in my opinion.”

“You know, on the eve of the primaries to do that, to tell people that it’s all over, and they announced in the New York Times, huge headline, it’s all over, it’s historic — it’s beyond irresponsible to the Nth degree. What we don’t know is how much that suppressed the vote,” said Caddell. “It’s like, we do know the experience we saw in 1980 when President Carter conceded before the West Coast polls closed. We saw it in Florida in the Western Panhandle in 2000, when they announced that Florida had been won by Gore. It affects the vote. And you look how close some of these states were, in California, you have to ask yourself, hmm, what is that?”

He estimated the turnout from these last Democratic primaries would prove to be “about half what it was in ‘08,” attributing this partly to the early call made by the Associated Press.

“There’s an editorial judgment here. Not the reporting style, I’m not questioning that. I’m questioning the judgment of putting it out on the eve of all these votes, including in the largest state,” said Caddell, noting that on the Republican side, Donald Trump was not formally declared the nominee until he had “no more opponents left in the race.”

“You put your thumb on the scales, knowing everyone will report it, knowing you’re announcing it’s all over from the media,” he said critically. “The AP was once the great, I think always viewed as essentially unbiased, news-gathering organization around the world. They were purchased some time ago. They have had a particular political hue to what they do.”

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