Reince Priebus Slams Hillary Clinton Email Deletions in Killer Tweet

Reince pointing AP Hillary pointing

WASHINGTON DC – Republican National Committee chairman Reince Priebus slammed Hillary Clinton on her deletion of private emails.

Clinton sent a mocking “Delete your account” tweet at Trump, evidently written by a staffer because the tweet did not have Clinton’s initials on it. Then the RNC chairman Priebus — the man filling the office once held by Lee Atwater and Bob Dole — stepped in to focus attention on Clinton’s email scandal.

The Clinton email scandal has dominated the news cycle following an inspector general report that found Clinton in violation of government rules, and a Breitbart News report on Clinton’s disclosure of the names of CIA-protected intelligence sources on her non-secure private email server.

Clinton was forced to answer to the scandal in her interview with Fox News host Bret Baier. Clinton said:

I have said it wasn’t the best choice to use a personal email. It was a mistake. However, I am not alone in that. Many people in the government past and current have, on occasion or as a practice, done the same. Nothing I sent was marked classified and nothing I received was marked classified. And specifically, with respect to your question, every government official, and this is a legal theory, not just a theory it’s a legal rule, gets to choose what is personal and what is official. What we turned over were more than 30,000 emails that I assumed were already in the government system, Bret, because they were sent to addresses.

But Baier correctly pointed out that thousands of Clinton’s emails were classified, in some cases as highly classified as emails can get.

“No, you can’t,” Clinton snapped at Baier. “Here’s what happens. The State Department has a process for determining what is and isn’t classified. If they determine it is, they mark it as classified.”

“I will reiterate, because it is a fact, nothing I sent or received was marked classified. Now, what happens when you ask or when you are asked to make information public? It gets reviewed and different agencies come in with their opinion …Colin Powell’s emails were retroactively classified from more than ten years ago.”

As the mainstream media discovered in August 2015 after a series of Breitbart News reports, Clinton actually did have emails on her server with information in them that was classified when it was sent.