Stephen K. Bannon: ‘Lawlessness’ of Comey/Clinton ‘Inextricably Linked’ to Dallas Shooting — ‘We Are Turning into a Lawless Society Driven by Anarchy’

AP Photo/LM Otero

Breitbart Executive Chairman and SiriusXM host Stephen K. Bannon explained to his Breitbart News Daily listeners that the “lawlessness” in Dallas on Thursday night is “inextricably linked” to a “systemic crisis in our institutions,” as seen most recently by the Obama Justice Department’s refusal to indict Hillary Clinton for her gross negligence, lies, and compromise of our national security in the handling of her emails.

“What is inextricably linked is the lawlessness,” Bannon said. “You see [FBI Director] James Comey yesterday playing defense attorney for Hillary Clinton. He’s obfuscating the entire time. This is what we’ve been saying on this program. This is what we’ve been saying on Breitbart. This is not just about individuals. We have a deeper problem than bad individuals, ladies and gentlemen. We have a systemic crisis in our institutions in this country.”

Bannon continued:

We have very quickly over the last couple of decades, in the long stretch of history — we are turning to a lawless society that is driven by anarchy. And what I mean by that is James Comey is the top law enforcement official in the country, as far as a police officer, the FBI. Hillary Clinton is running to be the chief law enforcement officer in the greatest republic in mankind’s history, and that’s what you saw yesterday [at Comey’s hearing before Congress]. That’s inextricably linked to the lawlessness that you saw in Dallas.

Bannon concluded by explaining the reason why he chose to open that segment of his radio show by playing audio of the shooting and subsequent panic in Dallas on Thursday night:

“That is not Iraq. That is not Afghanistan. That is not Syria. That is not Libya. That is not sub-Saharan Africa with the Boko Haram. That is the greatest city in arguably the greatest state in the greatest nation in mankind’s history in the 21st century.”

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