Dallas Police Shooting

Texas Governor’s Address Sets Four State Emergency Priorities

Governor Greg Abbott addressed members of the Texas House and Senate in his State of the State Address on Tuesday and laid out his emergency items, including banning sanctuary cities, reforming the embattled agency responsible for safeguarding children, calling for a Convention of States to address overreaches by the federal government, and ethics reform governing elected officials.


Intel Firm: Even More Radical Sect of Black Lives Matter Emerges

As violence continues to occur in and around Black Lives Matter demonstrations, one cyber security intelligence firm argues that America is witnessing an unmistakable trend of further radicalization within the leftist grassroots movement.


War on Police: Texas Sees Most Cops Killed in Nation

In light of recent executions of police officers in downtown Dallas, the state of Texas now leads the country in “law enforcement officers feloniously killed”, according to a national nonprofit that tracks such cases for 2016.

Nathan Hunsinger/The Dallas Morning News via AP

Salon: The Vicious Dialectic of Violence and Retaliation

Sean Illing writes in Salon about “the vicious dialectic of violence and retaliation” evoked by the murder of five police officers and wounding of seven others in Dallas on Thursday during a Black Lives Matter protest.


War on Police Spreads: 3 More Cops Ambushed Across U.S.A.

Police officers in three different states have been ambushed around the time-frame of the Dallas shooting that left five officers dead and many others injured. Officers were shot in what authorities described as “ambushes” in Missouri, Tennessee and Georgia Friday.

home invasion

Stephen K. Bannon: ‘Lawlessness’ of Comey/Clinton ‘Inextricably Linked’ to Dallas Shooting — ‘We Are Turning into a Lawless Society Driven by Anarchy’

Breitbart Executive Chairman and SiriusXM host Stephen K. Bannon explained to his Breitbart News Daily listeners that the “lawlessness” in Dallas on Thursday night is “inextricably linked” to a “systemic crisis in our institutions,” as seen most recently by the Obama Justice Department’s refusal to indict Hillary Clinton for her gross negligence, lies, and compromise of our national security in the handling of her emails.


Rep. Cedric Richmond: ‘Can’t Use Black Lives Matter As Scapegoat’

At a press conference convened Friday morning by the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) following the shootings, Richmond referred to the CBC as the “conscience” and “intellectual capacity” of Congress as he used the fatal shootings of Alton Sterling of Louisiana and Philando Castile of Minnesota by police officers, and the killing of the Dallas police officers as reason to call for further gun control measures.

DALLAS, TX - JULY 8: Dallas police escort residents near the scene where four Dallas police officers were shot and killed on July 7, 2016 in Dallas.

Charles Blow: Open Carry, ‘Not What We Want As a Society’

During CNN’s coverage of the shooting of 11 police officers in Dallas, TX that left four officers dead, CNN Political Commentator and New York Times columnist Charles Blow stated that because of open carry laws, “Police don’t know if the person who


Texas Lt. Governor Calls for CNN to Remove Host for Reckless Cop-Killer Comments

In a stern letter to CNN President Jeff Zucker on Monday, Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick called upon top CNN brass for the removal of “Newsroom” anchor Fredricka Whitfield, over her reckless comments in describing the brutal assault on the Dallas Police Department headquarters last weekend as “very courageous and brave.”


Dallas Police Attacker’s Father Plays Reverse Racism Victimization Card

Jim Boulware, the emotionally distraught father of would-be Dallas Police killer James Boulware, gave CNN’s Sara Sidner a unique twist on the all-too-familiar litany of victimization excuses that are often made in the aftermath of criminal behavior, asking the reporter during his interview: “Where can a white man go for help?”


DALLAS POLICE SHOOTING: ‘Zombie Apocalypse Assault Vehicle and Troop Transport’

Dallas police have disabled the armored van used in the shooting and pipe bomb incident at the Dallas Police Headquarters early Saturday morning. What is believed to be the vehicle used in this assault was described as a “Zombie Apocalypse Assault Vehicle and Troop Transport.” Police disabled the vehicle with a .50 caliber rifle shot to the engine block.

Zombie Assault Vehicle 1

War on Cops: ‘Wild West’ as Bombs, Gunfire Erupt Outside Dallas Police HQ; UPDATE – Suspect Apparently Killed by Police Sniper

DALLAS, Texas — The sound of sirens and gunfire erupted in the downtown Dallas air after midnight in a wild scene, as a a reportedly ‘armored van’ rammed police and then witnesses say multiple suspects opened fire outside Dallas Police headquarters. UPDATED: Police believe a single suspect was involved, and was killed by a police sniper during a standoff.