Trump Fundraises Off ‘Left-Wing Protesters’

Protester at Trump Speech AP PhotoEvan Vucci
AP/Evan Vucci
Washington, DC

The protesters who attempted to disrupt Donald Trump’s speech on Monday at the Detroit Economic Club unintentionally gave the New Yorker an avenue for fundraising.

Protesters interrupted Trump roughly a dozen times during his economic policy speech in Detroit, Michigan on Monday and now the Republican nominee is using the disruptions as a way to draw in money from his supporters.

“I just delivered a major economic speech with concrete solutions to get our country back on track…But a group of left-wing protesters interrupted me over ten times in an attempt to get us off message,” Trump’s fundraising email, which was blasted out Monday afternoon, states. “I have news for them: IT DIDN’T WORK! We stayed on message and delivered our positive platform to America.”

The fundraising email continues:

But the protests are only going to get louder, the attacks will get nastier, and the lies will get more vicious. We need all hands on deck to cut through the noise, and get our message straight to the American voter.

Please contribute $100, $75, $50, $25, or $15 to help us stand our ground against the vicious attacks coming for the next three months of this election.

Between now and Election Day, we will stay on message, and prove that there is NOTHING Hillary’s protesters can do to stop our movement to Make America Great Again!

Trump raked in $80 million in fundraising in the month of July, $10 million behind his rival, Hillary Clinton.