Rudy Giuliani on Orlando Shooter’s Father at Clinton Rally: ‘She Hasn’t Condemned It’

Clinton, Shooter's Father Fox News
Washington, DC

Rudy Giuliani blasted Hillary Clinton at the start of Donald Trump’s campaign rally in Fayetteville, North Carolina for not condemning the Orlando shooter’s father, who recently attended a Clinton campaign rally in Florida.

“She had standing behind her the father of the murderer in Orlando and she hasn’t apologized yet and she hasn’t condemned it yet. Can you imagine if Donald Trump had done something like that? My goodness, the New York Times would have it front page for six days,” Giuliani critiqued.

“They’re trying to do this stupid story now about the power of the NRA, the power of those people who believe in the Second Amendment, to have an influence on this campaign because they don’t understand you,” he added, referencing backlash from Trump’s statement  earlier in the day about Second Amendment people stopping Clinton — a comment the Clinton campaign alleged suggested violence against her.

“They don’t understand America except New York and Hollywood and a little bit in Washington…the rest of you, they can take care of you, they’ll tell you what’s best for you,” Giuliani mocked of the Clinton campaign and the media. “Donald Trump will return the government to you!”