***2016 LiveWire*** Clinton in Tar Heel State as She Trails in Another NC Poll; Trump in Ohio

Clinton Trump
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7:25: Clinton talks about her social justice activism. She says our faith is a faith of second chances and even third and fourth and fifth chances for those who want redemption. She also praises the “Mothers of the movement.” Clinton says their hearts may be broken but their “souls shine through.”

7:10: Clinton says “our nation’s values are being tested in this election” and says Trump has a history of “racial discrimination in his businesses” and traffics in conspiracy theories. She claims that Trump believes Obama is not a true American even though her campaign was the one that amplified the birther accusations against Obama.

7:08: Clinton talks about “translating love into action.” She says she will ban the box and combat systemic racism. After blasting Trump for his comments about unemployment in African-American communities, she admits that youth unemployment for African-American youth is twice as high as that of white Americans.

7:00: In Kansas City, Clinton says that people who look at the African-American community and only see “poverty, crime, and despair are missing so much.” She speaks about having taught Sunday school and that we are commanded to love. She says that’s a tough commandment to obey. “Sometimes, it’s really hard for me,” she says.

She also speaks about the epidemic of gun violence “ravaging” our communities and pushes gun buyback programs and more gun control.

6:30: Never Trump candidate fails to qualify for Wyoming ballot.


5:45: Interesting. Clinton says her husband and Obama “work at being natural.”

5:37: Trump campaign on Clinton’s hypocrisy re: intelligence briefings:

“If Hillary Clinton thinks Mr. Trump talking about the body language of the agents briefing him is ‘inappropriate’ and ‘undisciplined,’ then she ought to explain why she discussed in even greater detail the classified briefings she received on Iraq while running for president in 2008. This is further proof Hillary Clinton will do or say anything to get elected.”


5:20: MSNBC’s Chuck Todd concedes that Clinton sounds too lawyerly and speaks like she is trying to convince 12 jurors. Again, if Trump would sound more like an executive/businessman instead of an insecure person in need of compliments and pats on the head (see: Putin’s comments), he could present Americans with a clear contrast in the debates.

5:15: Clinton to address National Baptist Convention in Kansas City later tonight:


4:20: When do media outlets ever do the same against a Democrat?

4:10: Two-thirds more interested in watching this year’s debates and majority think Clinton will perform better than Trump. Good news for Trump if he can just get out of his own way.

3:59: Clinton fundraising off of Lauer’s debate performance:


2:55: Trump says he will be the “biggest cheerleader for school choice.” He will also support merit pay for teachers and blasts the tenure system where the “bad ones” are making more than the “good ones.” Trump also blasts a political system where politicians are rewarded for how many donors they or how many journalists they know and not “how many Americans they help to live better and more prosperous lives.” He says Clinton will take the votes of those in the inner cities for granted

2:50: Trump cites “astronomical” numbers of African-American children living in poverty and he says that “we’ve all seen the tragic rise in crime in these communities, which remains one of the greatest barriers in fostering opportunity and success.” He says many of these cities look like “places of war.” He speaks about needing dollars to follow students re: school choice. He says this has to be a “shared national mission” to bring hope to every child. He vows to use the pulpit of the presidency to campaign for more school choice.

2:43: Quinnipiac state polls:

2:40: Trump says it’s time to “rebuild America” and “take out ISIS.” He says Clinton is clueless about job creation. And he says that too many in the inner cities have not been included in the American Dream. He says his goal as president will be to ensure that every child be placed on the ladder to success. He says the ladder rests on a fundamental foundation–“we need safety. There’s such danger in our inner cities.” Trump says every kid must be able to grow up in a safe community because “you can’t have prosperity without security.” He is also blasting the government-run education bureaucracy that is protecting high-paid bureaucrats. Trump says he wants every child in the inner cities to attend the school of their choice. Trump says it’s a matter of putting “students first” and not the “education bureaucracy.”

2:32: Trump says Clinton believes in “globalism” and “not Americanism.” He blasts Clinton for saying no American died in Libya and says the biggest difference in the race is Iraq–Clinton supported it while he opposed it. Trump also points out that Clinton used her time in the State Department to give up much of the country’s uranium to Russia, do favors for UBS bank and give contracts to friends and family in Haiti.

2:30: Trump is slamming Clinton for endangering the country’s national security with her private server. He points out that the FBI discovered that foreign agents hacked into the accounts of those with whom she regularly communicated. Trump says this is why Clinton is “unfit” to become president. He also says Clinton failed to take responsibility for her Middle East policy that has unleashed radical Islam terrorists across the world.

2:20: Pence is asked what is the biggest misconception about Donald Trump. He speaks about Trump’s “graciousness” and “kindness” away from the cameras.

2:05: Trump holding an education roundtable in Cleveland before delivering his education speech.

2:00:  Trump will speak to families of victims of illegal aliens in Houston on Sept. 17 at The Remembrance Project National Conference Luncheon.

“Donald Trump has met with and listened to our families’ stories of loss and grief and has pledged to secure our borders and enforce our immigration laws in order to stop the preventable killings of Americans and permanently separating them from their loved ones,” Maria Espinoza, Co-Founder and National Director of The Remembrance Project, said. “We are grateful for Mr. Trump’s support and excited that he is honoring our work and the memories of stolen lives by speaking at this first ever National Conference. Someone is finally listening to American and legal immigrant families!”

1:56: Pence says when Trump sees huge crowds, he tells him, “this is a movement. And it’s bigger than us.” He says Trump is running against one of the “most dishonest candidates ever.” He says the American people picked a bold truth teller in 1980″ and they will elect a bold truth teller in 2016.

1:52: Pence says Trump and Reagan have different styles but there are fundamental similarities. They are honest, tough, and believe in the what has always made America strong, he says. Pence says Reagan’s bluntness ushered in a GOP landslide because “he meant it. And so does Donald Trump.” He compares Reagan Democrats to “Trumpocrats.” Pence says Trump has the “toughness to rebuild our economy and command the respect of the world.”

1:48: Pence reminds the audience that Reagan wanted to be President in 1976 so he could meet with the Soviet leader and ask him what it would take for America to get along with the Soviets… and then whisper in his ear, “Nyet!”

1:47: Pence points out that the “smart set” dismissed Reagan as a “simpleton” and an “entertainer who entered politics late in life.” He says union members and working-class Democrats leaned in and listened to Reagan’s eloquence and the common sense of the uncommonly talented man. He says Ronald Reagan spoke the truth to the American people just like Donald Trump has.

[Trump is no Reagan, but the same types of people on both sides of the aisle who initially hated Reagan are the same types who dislike Trump.]

1:45: Pence says he always say Reagan as a “solutions conservative.” He says Reagan’s principles still work when you put them into practice. Pence says “it’s exactly the kind of leadership Donald Trump is going to bring to Washington, D.C. when he is elected president.”

1:42: Another campaign theme that would be much more productive than “I’m so flattered that Putin may have called me brilliant.”

1:38: Pence shares moving and wonderful story he often tells of when he first met Ronald Reagan in the Blue Room in 1988. Pence remembers telling his wife that Reagan was the reason he became a Republican. He shook Reagan’s hand and felt like he was talking to Mount Rushmore. Pence thanked Reagan for inspiring his generation to believe in his country again and Pence believes that Reagan blushed and said, “well, Mike, that’s a nice thing to say.”

1:35: She seems to concede that the public perceives her as a “cold” and “unemotional” person who lacks empathy.

1:30: Pence takes the stage at the Reagan Library:

Mike Pence and his daughter Charlotte pray at the Reagans' burial site.

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1:20: Trump announces massive fundraising haul:

1:15: Clinton cites anti-Trump Republicans and tells the crowd to put “country over party.” Why in the world is Trump again letting the world know how much he loves being flattered by Putin and giving her an opportunity to say these lines and prevent yet another opportunity for her to face a full-court press after all of her whoppers at the Commander-in-Chief forum? All Trump needed to say was that nice comments from foreign leaders will in no way influence any of his decisions. The less Trump speaks (like someone who is just winging it, Trump often seems like he has to fill up time when it may be best to just give short, succinct answers and not talk as much) the better it may be for him in the debates. Clinton keeps turning the ball over to Trump. Imagine if Trump would stop throwing it back to her on the next play.

1:10: “Sources” slamming Lauer as a “disaster” would only happen if Clinton performed poorly. Now imagine if only Trump can get out of his own way and stop sharing negative headlines with Clinton.

12:56: Clinton take stage in Charlotte, North Carolina. She says she has a “special plan” for Historically black colleges and universities. She says voting rights are “under attack” in North Carolina. Clinton, seemingly taking a page out of her husband’s and John Edwards’s playbook, holds up her “Stronger Together” book of various “plans” that she co-authored with Kaine.

Interesting observation:

12:55: Pence about to speak at the Ronald Reagan Library in Simi Valley. Trump again makes it more difficult for Pence with his Putin comments.

12:45: Trump to speak about education issues in Cleveland:


12:39: The “smart” folks, ladies and gentlemen, who think Trump and his supporters are rubes:

12:35: Talking about this is much better than inexplicably telling the world over and over and over again that he loves being praised by Putin, who may have even called him “brilliant.”  If Kim Jong-Un praises Trump, will he say he is a great leader because he won 100% of the vote?

12:32: Paul Ryan weighs in:


12:30: Suffolk University’s North Carolina Poll: Trump 44, Clinton 41. 


12:17: Gary Johnson on 2016:


12:15: Strangely, Gary Johnson’s name identification may now go up:


12:10: Does Trump have advisers and an organization that is ready for prime time? We’ll see during the debates. Clinton’s team is often very predictable, and it should be easy for Trump to prepare for Clinton’s playbook if his team knows how to do basic scouting. Case in point.

Tweet from last night:

Clinton at this morning’s “press conference”:

12:05: Clinton could have been more on the defensive. But Trump’s bizarre comments about Putin once again showed that Trump just can’t get out of his own way.