Chelsea Clinton Lectures ‘Sexist’ Donald Trump for ‘Straight White Male Heritage’

Former first daughter Chelsea Clinton criticized Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump for making “sexist” references about her mother Hillary Clinton.

“I’ve been so much more troubled in this campaign by what he has said about women broadly, about Americans with disabilities, about our veterans, about Americans who don’t kind of share his straight white male heritage,” Chelsea Clinton said after she was asked whether Trump’s question about whether her mother “looked presidential.”

Clinton described Trump’s comment as “thinly or not-so-thinly veiled sexism towards my mom.”

Host Whoopie Goldberg asked Chelsea Clinton how she felt about Americans describing her mother as untrustworthy.

“That doesn’t make sense to me,” she replied, explaining that if something ever happened to her husband Marc or herself, she would trust her mother to take care of her two children.

She admitted that she was used to hearing Clinton’s opponents attacking her mother for working outside the home when her father was governor of Arkansas.

“Even though I was six, I knew that was crazy, because I didn’t have any sisters … and I knew that as an only child, I got the first and last word on my mom as a mom,” she said.

She praised both of the Obama daughters, joking that she hoped that they would leave a hidden treasure for her at the White House, should she return to the White House.

Clinton said she would be willing to help out the Obama daughters if they needed advice on how to live their lives after the White House.

“I’m in their corner if they ever need to call me,” she said.