Morning Consult Poll: 2016 Race ‘Near Toss-Up’


A poll conducted by the Morning Consult found Hillary Clinton led Donald Trump by just 1 point — 44 percent to 43 percent — in a two-way matchup among likely voters.

In a four-way matchup with Libertarian and Green Party candidates Gary Johnson and Jill Stein, the poll shows that Clinton leads Trump 41 percent to 39 percent among likely voters. Among registered voters, Clinton led Trump 38 percent to 36 percent.

The poll was taken Sept. 6 to Sept 8.

Blue-collar voters support Trump over Clinton by 44 percent to 36 percent. A quarter of Hispanics support Trump and 55 percent back Clinton. Seventy-three percent of blacks support Clinton; seven percent support Trump. Forty-four percent of whites support Trump, while only 35 percent support Clinton.

Seventy percent of independents hold an unfavorable view of Clinton, while only 56 percent hold an unfavorable view of Trump.

The Morning Consult questioned 1,710 likely voters, and 1,961 registered voters.