Did Tim Kaine Know About Hillary Clinton’s Illness? Hillary Won’t Say

Clinton Stand Kaine Sit Andrew HarnickAP
Andrew Harnick/AP

Hillary Clinton refused to say when she and her senior staff informed her running mate Tim Kaine that she had pneumonia, after returning to the campaign trail on Thursday.

Clinton held an informal press availability after delivering a campaign speech in North Carolina.

“You know my senior staff knew and information was provided to a number of people,” Clinton said, trailing off.

She admitted that she didn’t want to quit campaigning and was determined to attend the 9/11 memorial in New York City.

Clinton insisted that she “communicated” with Kaine, but did not specify when she told him that she was diagnosed with a serious illness.

“We communicated, we’ve communicated,” she said defensively as reporters pressed her on the question. Clinton said she wouldn’t discuss details of her “personal conversations” with Kaine.

“Look, I communicated with Tim, I talked to him again last night, he has been a great partner and he is going to be a great Vice president,” she said, before ending the press conference.