Politico: Donald Trump Rallies White Working Class, Bernie Voters with Sharpened Message

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton departs her Washington home, Friday, June 10, 2016, after meeting with Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass. (AP Photo/Paul Holston)

Kenneth P. Vogel of Politico writes that Donald Trump is sharpening his message to his base — the disaffected white working class — in calling out a conspiracy of media, big corporations, and wealthy donors to elect Hillary Clinton.

From Politico:

NOVI, Michigan — As Donald Trump’s campaign works to drive a sharper message down the home stretch, the GOP nominee is increasingly invoking the specter of a conspiracy by big corporations, media companies and donors to elect Hillary Clinton.

The warnings, coming in scripted and sometimes personal attack lines in nearly every recent speech, are largely geared towards mobilizing Trump’s base of disaffected white working class voters, according to a campaign official.

But the official acknowledged that the populist rhetoric also is intended to appeal to college-educated middle-class voters who tell pollsters that they believe there are “two sets of rules — one for insiders, another for the rest of us.” That includes former supporters of Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders’ unsuccessful campaign against Clinton for the Democratic presidential nomination.

And Trump’s recent condemnations of the elite pillars of American society — which the source traced to the influence of Trump’s new campaign executive chairman Steve Bannon and the campaign’s policy director Stephen Miller — at times echo Sanders closely.

During a Thursday rally in Bedford, N.H., Trump called out “the special interests, the lobbyists and the corrupt corporate media that have rigged the system against everyday Americans, and they’ve rigged it for a long time.”

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