Gunshots Hit Trump Sign Outside of North Carolina Home

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Police are investigating an incident where someone fired gunshots at a Trump campaign sign outside a house in North Carolina.

The incident happened late Saturday outside of James Powers’ home in Cary, where the gunman fired 20 shots at the sign hanging on his front porch, WRAL reported.

No injuries were reported from the shooting, but a few bullets hit the home.

Powers believes the only motive the shooter had to shoot at his house was due to the campaign signs on his porch.

“As an American citizen, my right to choose is my right to choose. I’ve never picked up somebody else’s sign, hurt somebody else’s sign,” he said to WRAL. “I don’t understand why at this election, it has to be so much violence when we’re the deplorable.”

Powers said he won’t take down his Trump sign despite the damage, and noted that there have been similar incidents in his neighborhood where other Trump signs were destroyed.

“This is actually the fourth police report about destruction to Trump signs,” he said. “This is where we live. This is where we come for sanctuary. It should be a safe place.”

Trump signs aren’t the only things that vandals have destroyed.

Reports of vandalism against Trump’s campaign offices have peppered the news over the past few days, with campaign offices in Denver attacked twice in the span of 24 hours.

In the first attack, anti-Trump slogans and words such as “pervert” and “thief” were painted on the brick wall as well as the windows of the office.

In the second attack on the same office, a rock was thrown through the office’s front window.

A Republican campaign office in Alamance County, North Carolina was also vandalized earlier this week from a spray paint attack, WTVD reported.

Last month, a Republican Party office in Hillsborough, North Carolina was firebombed and spray-painted with the phrase “Nazi Republicans” on a nearby wall.