Mike Pence Calls on Independents, Democrats, Republicans to ‘Come Home’ and Vote Trump

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WINDHAM, New Hampshire—During his fifth campaign stop on Sunday, Mike Pence called on independents, Democrats and fellow Republicans to “come home” and vote for Donald Trump.

“Democrats are coming to our rallies and supporting Donald Trump because they’re tired of the liberal policies that are shipping their jobs overseas,” Pence told the late-night crowd at the the campaign’s Derry-Windham office.

He noted that independents from across the country have also come along to the Republican side in support of Trump “because they’re tired of gridlock in Washington, D.C.”

Clinton also made her fourth and final visit to New Hampshire on Sunday evening. Both the Pence and Clinton campaign planes landed in Manchester and were parked next to one another. Pence’s plane had “Make America Great Again” painted across it, while Clinton’s read, “Stronger Together”.

The Granite State, which holds four electoral college votes, is critical for Trump.

Many blue-collar workers, members of unions, have been coming out in support of Trump. Some say they have not voted for a Republican candidate since Ronald Reagan ran in 1980.

“Independents and Democrats, we’re honored to have their support,” Pence said. “But I want to talk about our fellow Republicans in New Hampshire. The time has come along for us to reach out to our Republican friends and say it’s time to come home. It’s time to elect Donald Trump president.”

“Friends don’t let friends vote alone,” Pence said, urging everyone present to bring people with them to the polls. “This race is on,”’ Pence said, referring to polls that are showing a very close race between the two campaigns. “It’s all tied up in New Hampshire.”

Pence also took the opportunity to blast Clinton’s foreign policy, pointing out that she “was the one who started the disastrous agreement with the radical mullahs in Iran,” referring to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, otherwise known as the Iran nuclear deal.

Just two hours before, Pence reminded a large crowd in Hickory, New Hampshire that “mishandling classified information is a crime” and is discussing Clinton’s ethical lapses, after learning that the FBI’s second probe into the former secretary of state’s emails yielded the same results and that she would not be indicted.

Trump and Pence will return to Manchester, New Hampshire on Monday evening for a joint rally. The venue will be the same place where the Republican presidential nominee celebrated his victory in the state’s February primary.

The final, and fifth, rally will be held in Grand Rapids, Michigan around 11 p.m., where Trump and Pence will take the stage together.

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