2020: Megan Rapinoe Praises Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris

Megan Rapinoe
AP Photo/Icon Sportswire/Rich Graessle

U.S. women’s soccer star Megan Rapinoe praised Sens. Kamala Harris (D-CA) and Elizabeth Warren over the weekend when asked which 2020 candidates appeal to her.

“I’m interested in Warren, of course. Interested in Kamala Harris,” Rapinoe told CNN’s Van Jones.

Rapinoe said that Warren is “just so smart” and “organized, like her thoughts are like organized.”

“She has this clear message and she’s powerful, I think. She just has that like something sort of intangible about her,” Rapinoe said of Warren.

Harris has gained national headlines for her questioning of Brett Kavanaugh during his Supreme Court confirmation hearings and grilling of numerous Trump administration officials. And Rapinoe said she “would never want to get an argument with Kamala Harris.”

Rapinoe also said “it’s time for us as a country to just embrace a woman” as president.

“Let’s just see what happens. Let’s take a step back, we’ll just see what happens. We can always just go back to no presidency,” Rapinoe said, taking another not-so-veiled shot at President Donald Trump.

Rapinoe said again that she is unqualified to run for public office and become the fifth member of the “Squad.” But the self-proclaimed “activist” said she will not hesitate to throw her weight around and potentially endorse candidates.

Harris and Warren are trying to win over the same set of well-off white voters with college degrees. A Monday McClatchy report found that Harris and Warren are the top two choices of white voters with college degrees in nearly every state and national poll.

Rapinoe became one of the most prominent faces of the anti-Trump resistance when she said she would not go to the “fucking White House” before leading the women’s national soccer team to its fourth World Cup title. Left-wing activists and pundits have signaled that Rapinoe’s endorsement could carry some influence so long as Trump is in office.


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