Jorge Ramos: America ‘Looks a Lot More Like’ Kamala than Trump

Mexican journalist Jorge Ramos looks on before receiving the excellence award at the Gabriel Garcia Marquez journalism awards in Medellin, on September 29, 2017. / AFP PHOTO / JOAQUIN SARMIENTO (Photo credit should read JOAQUIN SARMIENTO/AFP/Getty Images)

Univision anchor Jorge Ramos this week lauded Sen. Kamala Harris’s selection as former Vice President Joe Biden’s running mate because the “United States looks a lot more like” Harris than President Donald Trump.

Ramos wrote that in the middle of the Coronavirus pandemic, “the country suddenly showed one of those flashes of its greatness and chose the daughter of an immigrant to be a candidate for the vice presidency. Kamala Harris is like the future of the United States: a woman of marvelous mixes and different origins.”

Ramos added that Harris “understands, like few others, what it is to be an immigrant or the daughter of immigrants in an multi ethnic state like California, which has the country’s largest number of foreigners.”

He said it “what cannot cannot be challenged is the direction the United States is taking. It is, increasingly, less white and more diverse. In just 22 years, whites will stop being the majority and the country will be a collection of minority groups, according to projections by the U.S. Census Bureau.”

“On Nov. 3, U.S. voters will decide if that’s what they want. The choices could not be more different,” Ramos wrote. “On the Republican side, we have two white men of European background. On the Democratic side, Joe Biden and a African-American woman, the daughter of immigrants from the Caribbean and India.”

After noting that the country looks a lot more like Harris than Trump, Ramos added: “We will soon know which path the country wants to follow.”


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