Trump’s Georgia Rally Reportedly Draws over 30,000, 31% of Signups ‘Not Republican’

ROME, GEORGIA - NOVEMBER 01: U.S. President Donald Trump greets supporters as he walks off of Air Force One during a campaign rally at Richard B. Russell Airport on November 01, 2020 in Rome, Georgia. With two days to go until election day, Donald Trump is campaigning in Michigan, Iowa, …
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

President Donald Trump’s Sunday rally in Rome, Georgia, reportedly drew over 30,000 supporters, according to White House Deputy Chief of Staff for Communications and longtime Trump aide Dan Scavino.

“EPIC!! 30,000+ in Rome, Georgia! Let’s WIN!” Scavino wrote late Sunday alongside a video showing a massive crowd of supporters gathered for the “Make America Great Again Victory Rally” at the Richard B. Russell Airport:

“I doubt we will ever see another political figure in American life who turns out these crowds,” Fox News host Laura Ingraham remarked. “Hard to see how this doesn’t translate into huge turnout for Trump. Unreal!”:

According to Republican National Committee (RNC) chairwoman Ronna McDaniel, 31 percent of those who signed up for the rally were “not Republican”:

Trump poked fun at the small crowds Biden and his surrogates have garnered on the campaign trail during the Georgia rally, telling the crowd that they are “not drawing flies.”

“But they should show these crowds, because in the history of politics, I think in the history of anything, including music, and I do this without a guitar. That’s very tough. We don’t have a guitar,” Trump said.

“Look at these crowds. It is one of the great phenomenons. They don’t like talking about it. They said, ‘Is he a great public speaker?’ ‘Oh, I don’t really think so.’ Well, what the hell am I getting 35,000 people?” he said.

Trump has continued to draw impressive crowds over the past week, causing Democrats to sound the alarm. Reported attendance for his rally in Butler, Pennsylvania, reportedly stood at 57,000, prompting Pennsylvania Lt. Gov. John Fetterman (D) to voice concern.

“The President is popular in PA. I don’t care what polls say,” he said, urging Pennsylvanians to go out and vote and adding that you “can’t fake a crowd like that”:


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