Nolte: Incoherent Joe Biden Fumbles Desperate PA Election Day Stops

PHILADELPHIA, PA - NOVEMBER 03: Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden rallies supporte
Drew Angerer/Getty Images

For whatever reason, the Biden campaign thought it would be a good idea to send Grandpa Joe out on some last minute, fairly unprecedented Election Day stops in Pennsylvania.

He’s obviously worried about losing one of a handful of must-win states, so he was running around Philly on Tuesday with a bullhorn thinking it would help him get out the vote…

Who knows what’s going to happen in Pennsylvania today. What we do know is that without a teleprompter, the frail and feeble Biden came off as, well, frail and feeble.

This is the last thing the campaign should want people to see on Election Day.  Watch for yourself:

  1. Biden introduced his granddaughter as Beau Biden, who passed quite a few years ago.
  2. Biden said to the crowd that they helped Beau win a senate seat in Delaware. Beau was never a local or U.S. Senator.
  3. Even if Beau was a senator, the people of Philadelphia do not vote for Delaware’s senators.

And here’s one more… Feeble Joe rambling on about how — well, I don’t know how to explain it, but here’s a quote…

“I played ball with a lot of great black athletes but I didn’t know them. I mean, we knew each other. They were friends. But I didn’t know them. And it was a great education. It was like the Green Mile.”

Someone needs to stay in his basement for the rest of the day, fall asleep to Matlock, and then have someone wake him up to tell him if he gets to play president or not. 

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