Trump Opens Up Massive Primary, General Election Leads: Poll

A supporter of Donald Trump holds up a pro-Trump sign during a rally at the Fort Dodge Senior High School on November 18, 2023, in Fort Dodge, Iowa. Former President Donald Trump spoke on various topics pertaining to things that happened during his term in office as well as current …
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Former President Donald Trump leads President Joe Biden in a hypothetical two-way race for the presidency, as well as in a deeper field, while he approaches 70 percent support among GOP primary voters, per a Harvard-Harris poll. 

In the poll published Monday, 53 percent of the 2,581 registered voters surveyed nationally back Trump in a head-to-head race with Biden when undecided voters were pushed to choose a candidate they leaned toward. Biden garners 47 percent of the response, marking a one percent loss of support compared to October’s Harvard-Harris poll. Trump gained one percent month-over-month.

Without leaners, Trump registers at 48 percent, Biden takes 41 percent, and 11 percent do not know who they would back. 

When the field is expanded to include Robert F Kennedy Jr. as a third option, he draws support from both the 45th president and Biden but hurts Biden more. When undecided leaners are included, Trump leads with 44 percent, giving him an 8-point lead over Biden at 36 percent, while Kennedy Jr. garners a substantial 21 percent. 

Trump’s lead over Biden further widens when Green Party presidential candidate Cornel West and progressive Jill Stein are added to the field. Trump enjoys a double-digit advantage in this scenario when leaners are included, drawing 43 percent of the response to Biden’s 34 percent. Kennedy loses support, falling to eighteen percent, while West and Stein secure three percent and two percent, respectively. 

This poll also shows Trump with one of his strongest showings yet in the Republican primary field. When GOP voters were asked who they would back if their state’s primary were today, 67 percent selected the 45th president, placing him 58 points above Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL), who comes in second place with 9 percent. Trump is up seven points compared to the October Harvard-Harris poll, while DeSantis has slipped two points. 

Eight percent support former Gov. Nikki Haley (R-SC) in the latest survey, five percent back entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy, and former Gov. Chris Christie (R-NJ) earns three percent of the response. Another two percent would back someone else, and five percent are undecided.  

Moreover, 84 percent of GOP voters expect Trump to win the nomination, as do 65 percent of all poll respondents. 

The poll was conducted on November 15 and 16. A margin of error was not specified. 

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