Exclusive: Trump Campaign Explains Plans for and Vision Behind Nightly Newsletter ‘Palm Beach Playbook’

Former President Donald Trump speaks at the Turning Point Action conference, Saturday, Jul
Lynne Sladky/AP

Former President Donald Trump’s campaign is launching a nightly newsletter called the “Palm Beach Playbook,” which, Breitbart News has learned, will bring voters exclusive updates and “the truth about President Trump’s America First policies.”

“Palm Beach Playbook will provide news and exclusive updates about President Trump’s historic campaign,” Trump campaign senior adviser Brian Hughes said in a statement to Breitbart News. “Through this email newsletter, we will share the truth about President Trump’s America First policies with voters who are tired of Weak Joe Biden and the Fake News Media.”

The name “Palm Beach Playbook” seemingly references the “Politico Playbook” daily newsletter, which offers a summary of key points from top political news stories.

“Voters deserve honesty, transparency, and information directly from the source, which is why we are releasing our own daily briefing to show the nation how President Donald J. Trump will Make America Great Again with a victory in November,” Hughes added.

Trump co-campaign manager Chris Lacivita tweeted a link to the first edition of the newsletter on the Republican National Committee’s website Wednesday morning. The edition, dated May 21, highlights a number of updates and news developments regarding the race between Trump and Biden, ranging from fundraising figures to polling numbers to Biden’s claim he was vice president during the pandemic.

“New April fundraising numbers show that the Trump campaign and RNC outraised Crooked Joe Biden and the DNC by $25 MILLION in April!” the newsletter states under the sub-heading “Fundraising Momentum.”

“And all this is happening while the left desperately tries to interfere in our elections with their Biden trials,” it adds. “The American people are taking a stand against the Democrats’ lawfare. Momentum: President Trump! Make America Great Again!”

Under another sub-heading, “Biden Hits a Granite-State Wall,” the campaign highlights the latest polling out of New Hampshire, which shows a dead heat between Trump and Biden.

The New Hampshire Journal/Praecones Analytica poll shows that Biden and Trump are each at 37 percent among registered voters, while independent Robert F. Kennedy is at 15 percent. The poll sampled 862 registered voters from May 15-20 and has a margin of error of ± 3.33 percent.

“Biden has nothing to offer New Hampshire but chaos and price increases,” the Palm Beach Playbook states, emphasizing that “Bidenflation has cost the average New Hampshire family more than $24,000.”

“It’s part of why fresh polling shows President Trump tied with Biden in the blue-leaning state — voters don’t want him,” the newsletter adds.

In a third punchy sub-heading, “Clean up on Aisle Biden,” the campaign spotlights that the Biden administration reportedly had to issue nine corrections to his remarks at an NAACP dinner in Detroit on Sunday. Biden’s most jarring blunder came when he claimed he was “vice president during the pandemic” and that former President Barack Obama sent him to Detroit to “help fix it.”

The correction shows Biden meant to reference the recession in the late 2000s.

Breitbart News also gained a sneak peak into the May 22 edition ahead of its release. It highlights Biden’s ’Rock Bottom Approval” rating, Biden’s “Gas Prices Band-Aid,” “Leftist Violence,” including a man apparently lunging at Trump campaign volunteers, and more.

The campaign provides an email subscription option for the newsletter.

The newsletter’s launch comes as Trump leads Biden by one point nationally in the RealClearPolling average as of Wednesday. Trump registers at 46.8 percent, while Biden averages 45.8 percent. According to Morning Consult/Bloomberg News polls published Wednesday and a New York Times/Siena College poll published on May 13, Trump is also leading Biden in a number of key battleground states with less than six months until the election.


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