Michelle Obama To DNC: ‘Big Men With Guns’ Took Our Daughters To School

Twitter / @POTUS

During her July 25 speech at the Democrat National Convention, Michelle Obama talked about moving into the White House and watching “big men with guns” take their daughters to school.

She said this by describing life after taking up residence in the White House. She recalled her daughters “setting off for their first day at their new school,” adding, “I will never forget that winter morning as I watched our girls–just seven and ten years old–pile into those black SUVs with all those big men with guns.”

The audience responded with a warm applause as Mrs. Obama talked about seeing their faces press against the windows of the vehicles as they drove away.

The irony is that Americans across the country have wanted the benefit of good guys with guns to protect their kids during the school day too–and especially since the heinous attack in gun-free Sandy Hook Elementary–but that desire has mocked, even derided by leftists who equate arming teachers and/or staff with endangering children.

In fact, a June 2013 Obama administration report on school shootings–published by Huffington Post–actually suggests that the possibility that a school shooting could happen is not reason enough to allow firearms to be carried on campus by teachers and/or staff. The report said: “The possibility of an active shooter situation is not justification for the presence of firearms on campus in the hands of any personnel other than law enforcement officers.”

And Arne Duncan–Education Secretary in Obama’s first term–said the NRA was pressing for armed teachers/staff just as “an opportunity to sell more guns.”

During her July 25 speech at the DNC Mrs. Obama talked about watching “big men with guns” take her girls to school.

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