Nancy Pelosi Suggests Gun Control Vote Could ‘Save 90 Lives’

Pelosi AP

During attempts to shame House Republican leadership into allowing a vote on more gun control, Democratic Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi asked on Wednesday how the GOP could ignore laws that could “save 90 lives.”

The Democrats are trying to get Republicans to schedule a vote before Congress goes into recess and makes the failed June 22 gun control sit-in even more of a distant memory.

According to NBC News, Pelosi said:

We have a little time to save lives. What more important thing does any of us have to do than to stay here and pass a law to save lives? Somebody said to you, you could save 90 lives by passing a bill today, wouldn’t you do that? Or why wouldn’t you do that? Why wouldn’t you do that.

Also on the 14th, Pelosi tweeted a video that showed her speaking on the House floor, asking the GOP to allow a “gun vote” for the sake of the “children.”

She said:

Whose political survival is more important than the lives of these children, of those people in church, of those young people out on a Saturday night, people who go to the movies? Whose political survival is more important than protecting the American people? That’s the oath we take, “to protect and defend,” whether it’s the Constitution, whether it’s protecting our country, national security, our neighborhood security, our personal security.

Pelosi’s pleas were echoed by Georgia Democratic Rep. John Lewis, who equated gun control with “compassion” and “leadership” and referred to the Republican-led House as a “do nothing Congress.”

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