WATCH: Colorado School Teachers Get Trained to Carry Guns, Take Out ‘Active Shooters’

Some Colorado teachers are undergoing training to carry guns at school and, amid the tensions of an attack, be enabled to take out “active shooters.”

Colorado law allows teachers to carry on campus as long as they undergo training which enables them to be designation

According to the Denver Post, the training program is called FASTER–Faculty/Administrator Safety Training and Emergency Response–and it has been used in Ohio train roughly 900 teachers to carry guns and be prepared to counterattack. The teachers enrolled in the Colorado classes are predominantly from rural school districts where police response times are as long as “30 minutes.”

One of the FASTER instructors, Chris Wallace, has more than four decades of law enforcement experience. He told the teachers, “You will be killed if you do not fight.” He showed them photographs of what classrooms look like after an active shooter is unopposed and said, “Adult males will be tortured and killed, females will be raped and killed. There will be no mercy involved in these situations. There is no talking yourself out of these situations.”

Laura Carno, co-founder of Coloradans for Civil Liberties, indicated that teachers completing the FASTER course “will be certified as exceeding Colorado Peace Officer Standards and Training handgun qualifications.” She said, “We want to give them world-class training so they can stop active shooters at their school.”

Nearly every “mass shooting” in America occurs in a gun-free zone; in places where the trained response is often shelter-in-place, run, or hide. FASTER training changes that by allowing teachers to respond from a position of strength instead of weakness. In so doing, it removes one of the biggest advantages attackers’ posses–the element of surprise.

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