Michigan Democrat Gov. Whitmer Signs Gun Control Bills that Wouldn’t Have Prevented Michigan State Shooting

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer signs an executive order creating a bipartisan task force to review Michigan's jail and pretrial incarceration system Wednesday, April 17, 2019, outside the state Supreme Court chambers at the Hall of Justice in Lansing, Mich. Whitmer is ordering a comprehensive review of Michigan's jail and pretrial …
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Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (D) signed two new gun control measures in response to the February 13, 2023, Michigan State University shooting, neither of which would have prevented that shooting from taking place.

The Detroit News reported that one of the bills is universal background check legislation. The other is a gun storage law.

Michigan already has a law requiring a background check for a handgun via a permitting process. The newly signed legislation expands that to cover long guns too.

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The MSU attacker used a handgun, so there was already a law on the books for that gun purchase. Moreover, NBC News noted he got his guns “legally,” which means he complied with gun control laws.

The gun storage law applies to people with minors in their home, but the MSU attacker was a 43-year-old man who lived with his 67-year-old father, both too old to trigger the requirements in the gun storage law.

The Michigan legislature is also expected to get a red flag law to Gov. Whitmer’s desk.

On Tuesday Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee (R) called for his state’s legislature to pass a red flag law in response to the March 27, 2023, attack on a Christian school in which a 28-year-old transgender shooter killed three children and three adults. Such a law would not have prevented the attack, because the transgender shooter was not on police radar and her parents did not even know she owned a gun.

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