Magic Johnson: 'Obamacare Is Working'

Magic Johnson: 'Obamacare Is Working'

Former Los Angeles Lakers great and current Dodgers co-owner Earvin “Magic” Johnson on Monday defended President Barack Obama and Obamacare, claiming on MSNBC that the intrusive healthcare law that is threatening small businesses and may be more difficult to figure out than the tax code was “working.”

“Obamacare is working,” Johnson, who supported Obama during the 2012 campaign, said. “I talk to a lot of CEOs of hospitals. It is working.”

As The Hill noted, Johnson was speaking on “NOW with Alex Wagner” about the NCAA tournament before he “veered into politics at the end of the segment.” He also praised Republican Florida Gov. Rick Scott for caving and accepting federal funds to expand Medicaid under Obamacare. 

“I’m glad that Gov. Scott down in Florida accepted ObamaCare because it will work,” Johnson said, according to The Hill.


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