Cotton: W.H.O. ‘in the Pocket of’ the CCP and Biden Has Acted ‘Just Like’ Them on COVID Origins

On Thursday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “America’s Newsroom,” Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) stated that the World Health Organization’s announcement that it is abandoning the second phase of its investigation into the origins of the coronavirus shows that the W.H.O. “is in the pocket of the Chinese Communists,” and accused the Biden administration of similarly contorting “to avoid pinning the blame where it belongs, on the Chinese Communist Party.”

Cotton said, “[T]he World Health Organization is in the pocket of the Chinese Communists, they were never going to be trustworthy to identify the origins of the coronavirus. As I’ve said from the very beginning, despite the caterwauling of liberals in the media, it almost certainly originated in labs that the Chinese government runs in Wuhan. And just like the W.H.O. wouldn’t make that conclusion, the Biden administration has turned itself into pretzels trying to avoid pinning the blame where it belongs, on the Chinese Communist Party. It’s just one more example of how they apologize for China, they appease them, they excuse their behavior, all to try to maintain the same kind of smooth relationship that Joe Biden has always advocated with our worst adversary in the world.”

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