VIDEO: Boeing Plane Makes Emergency Landing in Indonesia Due to Engine Fire

Boeing Indonesia
AP Photo/Dita Alangkara, File

A Boeing plane made an emergency landing in Indonesia on Wednesday due to an engine fire, the news coming as the company grapples with controversy over safety issues.

The plane, which Garuda Indonesia operated, had just taken off from Makassar when the plane’s engine apparently caught on fire, the New York Post reported Thursday.

The outlet noted that there were 468 passengers on board the jet, which was headed for Saudi Arabia.

Video footage shows the plane racing down the runway when what appears to be flames burst from its tail end:

Following the incident, Garuda President Irfan Setiaputra said, “The decision was made by the pilot in command immediately after take-off, considering engine problems that required further examination after sparks of fire were observed in one of the engines.”

No one suffered injuries during the ordeal, but investigators are now looking into what exactly happened.

A similar instance happened on May 10, when a Boeing 737 plane returned to Japan’s Fukuoka Airport during an emergency landing because its wing flap apparently experienced an “irregularity,” Breitbart News reported, adding it was a United Airlines flight traveling to Guam.

“Authorities said no one among the 50 passengers and crew was hurt, and, reportedly, there was no fire,” the article noted.

According to AFP, Boeing is supposed to hold a meeting with shareholders on Friday, which may not be smooth sailing. The outlet said investors will vote on if CEO David Calhoun should be removed from the board and keep a compensation package.

“Calhoun, who has faced tough questioning in the wake of a near-catastrophic Alaska Airlines flight in January, will step down as CEO at the end of 2024 but has been renominated to the board of directors,” the article said.

“Advisory services firm Glass Lewis wants shareholders to reject Calhoun’s nomination, while Investor Shareholder Services (ISS) has recommended a ‘no’ vote on Calhoun’s compensation package, which came in at about $33 million for 2023,” it added.


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