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Comedian Katt Williams Bravely Stands Up For America

Like you, I’m pretty happy about Katt Williams bushin’ up his tail on a heckler who tried to dis’ America. By telling a Mexican patriot “to go live in Mexico if he thinks it’s better than living in America,” Williams

Michael Moore Doesn't Speak for Me

I found myself in a bit of a grouchy mood when cud-chewer Michael Moore said something to the effect of White America bein’ all mad about a black president. Really? It was the white vote that got him elected. And

NBC: 'More Colorful' or More Patronizing?

NBC’s “more colorful.” Are they talkin’ about that fruity colored Peacock when they say that, or are they talking about their new line up of shows that feature some black folk? Oh, how they pat themselves on the back for

The Fashion of Reverse Racism and Victimhood

Remember the good old days of black rage, when it was common place to know better than to mess with the brothas? Many a white folk radiated a pheromone of fear around the melanistic men and women who could snap

A Tea Partier Responds to Sheryl Crow

[youtube qV9tYXz8EAE&feature=channel] Shut up, Sheryl! Actually, I don’t mean that. She has the right to say what she wants, and I have the right to disagree. As you will hear and see in this lil’ viddy! Dang, that was some

Obama Ain't Black Enough For Bill Maher

This is a bit of a departure for me, as I prefer to do video rants, but by the time it gets done, Bill Maher and his comments will be worth talking about even less than they already are. As

The Blow Back

I reckon Laura Ingraham didn’t leave much left of Charles Blow’s behind left after callin’ him out on his bigoted comments concerning the Tea Party in Grand Prairie, Tex. I still gotta respond though! Not only were his comments bigoted,

ZoNation: Obama Attacks America's Immune System

[youtube VkBzscA8wic nolink] The liberal gub’ment preaches safe sex but are totally compromising our safety and expose us to disease while they screw us. “O” Plumber, layin’ pipe!

ZoNation: Defending Palin, Calling Out Liberals

Double Dosage!!! Sorry, I got a bit behind on Shhhtuff, so I hope I can do a lil’ catch up with ya! Here’s me lookin’ out for my womens like Sarah Palin, and a vid lookin’ at naughty Nidal after