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Gateway to November: Tea Party in St. Louis

The bizarre and unlikely rebellion known as the Tea Party began with only a few thousand people in a few dozen places on February 27, 2009. Those of us who were there in St. Louis or Atlanta, Chicago, or Los

Falling Down Again: JetBlue Voters and the Tea Party

One of the most popular and most talked about movies of 1993 was Falling Down, starring Michael Douglas, Barbara Hershey, and Robert Duval. Douglas played William “D-FENS” Foster, an engineer at a defense contractor who has a really bad day.

Tea Party Preempts NAACP

The NAACP has apparently decided to call 20 million American patriots “racists” for advancing liberty and economic opportunity. Their evidence? Attendance at a Tea Party–anywhere, anytime. Specifically, according to the Kansas City Star (via Jim Hoft): The resolution, scheduled for

7 Steps to Ensuring Your Liberty

A Washington Post/ABC News poll shows a major shift in sentiment toward (against?) the tea party movement. As an original tea party organizer, this shift doesn’t surprise me. By “this shift,” I refer to the the tea party’s popularity waning

Ensuring Liberty PAC: Creating a Tea Party Caucus

If you followed the news out of Nashville, you probably heard that some Tea Party folks are creating a Political Action Committee that will win 15 to 20 key Congressional races in 2010 and, perhaps, in years beyond. What you

The Tea Party's Focus: Elections

For the Tea Party movement, 2009 was about coming together, meeting our brothers and sisters in arms, and standing athwart socialism, yelling, “Stop!” It worked. President Obama entered office promising socialized medicine, card check, and cap and trade all before

House Conservatives Break With GOP Leaders in Fight Against ObamaCare

Republican leadership, at all levels, should have learned a quick lesson about the mood of America’s conservatives from the Dede Scozzafava debacle in upper New York state. Unfortunately, the GOP House Leadership might need some remedial instruction. And a group

New York 23: When a Nation Calls

The Tea Party movement has been quiet since the September 12 massive rallies in Washington, Quincy, Dallas, and elsewhere. Paul Krugman was so bold as to write on October 26, “the tea baggers have come and gone.” On the same