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Barak Obama the Enigma, Part I: Strange Bedfellows

President Obama’s birth certificate is both the Hot Button and the Third Rail of politics, and rightfully so. Put aside for the moment your opinion on the specific issue, and look to the broader one: Barack Obama has not only

The Beginning of the End of Public Sector Unions

Most of us instinctively know that something very important — historic, even — going on in Wisconsin. Well, there is something historic going on in Wisconsin. It is the first salvo in a battle that is going to preoccupy the

The Free Frontier

All of my life I wanted to be an astronaut. I starting working in the Miami Planetarium at age 13; studied aeronautics and engineering and propulsion systems, and was stopped only by a 20/25 left eye during an exam for

The Intersection of Christmas and America

Well, my friends, it’s Christmas in America once again. And one way to keep our gratitude levels high (and stress levels low) is to reflect on how Christianity and Freedom go together, both in the words and deeds of the

What We Believe, Part VI: Immigration

One of the biggest slanders leveled against the Tea Party Movement is that they are “anti-immigrant.” That’s nonsense, and everyone knows it. We Conservatives are not “anti-immigration” — we are anti-ILLEGAL immigration, and for a large number of very good

What We Believe, Part 5: Gun Rights

The Left will have you believe that people who own guns are a bunch of fun-loving, action-hero-wannabes, who are excited by shiny things and loud noises and like to run around blowing things up by remote control. And I say,

What We Believe, Part 3: Wealth Creation Is a Miracle

You know, it hit me not too long ago that pretty much all of the policies of the Left are based upon the idea that wealth is limited. If it is limited, then the rich are indeed thieves, and redistributive

What We Believe, Part 2: The Problem with Elitism

Sometimes, when I think about the Left and what they hope to accomplish with their Big Government, it all boils down to motive for me: what’s the point of being able to tell people what to do if you don’t

Is the Declaration of Independence Still Relevant?

When I was at CPAC a few weeks ago, I decided to stay an extra day and do the Washington tour. Now as someone who lives in Los Angeles, it is simply shocking to me how much history is within

A Message to Our Veterans

[click image to play video] So many of us in the business know people who have been overseas to help entertain the troops, and the luckiest among us have actually had the experience ourselves. I’m proud to have moved from

A Modest Proposal to Reform the Congress

You know how it is when you’re watching a slow-motion train wreck – Britney, say – and just when you are absolutely convinced it can’t get any worse… it does? Congress has an approval rating of 21%. And when I

The Tragedy of the Unconstrained Vision

One of the great adventures in current human understanding is the search for the Grand Unified Theory of physics… an attempt at a construct that explains both quantum mechanics on one end of the scale and gravity on the other

Honoring September 11th: The Rage Ratchet

Well, it’s been eight years since that terrible morning – George Bush was as deep into his first term of office as Barack Obama is today when those awful events unfolded. The anniversary in the mainstream media will be muted,

The Narrative

Here’s a question for you: Why is Rodney King famous and Kenneth Gladney unknown? Here’s a better question: If Kenneth Gladney — a black American who was beaten when he went to protest ObamaCare — had been there instead to

The Cult of Iconography

You know, the one thing that I learned from this last election is that if you have a young, hip, likable, historic candidate, and you promote him through CBS, ABC, NBC, CNN, MSNBC and all the rest, not to mention

'The Dowd Conundrum'

I was sitting in my dentist’s office a few weeks ago, and there on the side table was the Star Trek issue of Newsweek with some kid’s hand holding up a model USS Enterprise against the sun. Now I haven’t

The Workshops Of Identity

I. The Heartbeat: Step back with me for a minute. Back out of Hollywood, out of America, out of the Western Tradition. Sit in the middle of a darkened crater at the south pole of the Moon. Sit back, look