Bills Draft Pick Keon Coleman Dishes Out Hilarious and Unexpected Advice During First Press Conference

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AP Photo/Jeffrey T. Barnes

If you watched Bills draft pick Keon Coleman’s introductory press conference expecting to hear football talk, you got a lot more than that.

Coleman, a Florida State Seminole who became the first pick in the second round after Buffalo traded up to get him on Friday, sported a yellow winter jacket to his press conference. The coat got the attention of a reporter, who asked him about the jacket before asking a single question about football.

After reminding the reporter that he played at Michigan State for two years before transferring to Florida State, Coleman revealed he bought the coat at Macy’s. But that’s not all. He then gave a detailed explanation of the costs and assortment of colors that the coat comes in.

“Man, you forgot I went to school in Michigan for two years?” Coleman said. “Guess where I got this from though? You gonna be wrong, but guess. Nah, Macy’s, what you mean? They be on sale on the rack, all the colors: $ 79, $89, nice little deal. You can get the trench coat for like $100. I’ll take you there personally. I might go get some more colors. I need a blue one and another red one.”

The reporter then decided to test the depths of Coleman’s knowledge by querying him about the deals one can get at Macy’s during Thanksgiving. Coleman, however, revealed that he has a unique shopping strategy.

“See, I don’t know nothing about Thanksgiving. I shop like my mom, I get my coats in the summertime,” Coleman said. “You gotta shop a season or two before, just in case. Then it be cheaper. Cuz you go at Thanksgiving, everybody’s there at Thanksgiving, you know what I’m saying?”

Something is wrong if Macy’s isn’t on the phone with Coleman’s agent working out an endorsement deal.

The fun wasn’t over, however.

Coleman dabbles in both guitar playing and golf. He held nothing back after a reporter asked about his skill level in each discipline.

Man, I can’t play no guitar,” the former Seminole confessed. “I can do a few little strings — I don’t know what I’m doing. It’s just fun. It’s just relaxing. And I can golf a little bit now. Like I said, I’m Tiger Wish-he-could. I wish I could golf for real. I can drive pretty good, putting, it’s alright, barely. I’m good at TopGolf. I get the ball back to the net, over the net, but if we’re on a real course, once I get to the greens, I might lose.”

Coleman didn’t lose any time seeking out some grub at the end of the press conference. As soon as the presser was over, he asked for free food.

Reporters in Buffalo will have their hands full with Coleman. It also seems they’ll have plenty of occasion to talk about him. The Bills are extremely thin at receiver, and Coleman figures to play early and often.


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