Christian Bladt

So long, farewell…

This made for a great time watching the Oscars. Thanks to everyone for being along for the ride, and big thanks to Breitbart for organizing it. I am sure that our live blogging of the World Baseball Classic will be


Well, can’t say that I’m surprised, but can say that I’m very excited for all the accolades heaped on this movie tonight. When compared to all the other films, it was a lock. As with anything, it surely got overhyped

Penn Redux

I know he’s a douche… but, he made me laugh in this speech. First Ben Stiller and now Sean Penn… perhaps 2009 is the year of Douchebags we can believe in… We all knew that there would be some Gay


I haven’t seen it, but not in the way in which I’ll never see it. Judging from what he’s done in the past, I don’t doubt that he’s great in this movie. I like to envision Spicoli winning this award…


Good for him. Great guy, has done so much amazing work in his career. (Check out his first, “Shallow Grave” — amazingly underrated movie, with the earliest work I ever saw for Ewan McGregor.) It’s very gratifying to see a

Levy v. Ron Howard

Andy, you realize that you have just guaranteed that an angry Potsie and Ralph Mouth will come looking for you with wiffle ball bats outside the Fox News building tomorrow morning…

Jerry Lewis

Good for Jerry, considering all the work he does for Muscular Dystrophy. I also have a soft spot for him because the first real “show business” check I ever got was for a joke I wrote for SNL’s Weekend Update

Heath Ledger

Say what you want about him, but, he was AMAZING in that movie. And that is spoken as a movie fan and not a comic book nerd. (Well, maybe a little bit of both…)

"At last…"

Etta James just threw her TV out the window.

Short film winner

This guy spent four years of his life on a movie and could only get 14 minutes? After that much time, the least he could hope for is “He’s Just Not That Into You”

Jude's coffee shop

I would be more interested in watching people go in and out of your nearby coffee shop than I was in the red carpet show.

Ben Stiller

I have never heard anything to contradict the notion that Ben Stiller is the biggest a-hole in Hollywood, but, this is HYSTERICAL. And Queen Amidala looks AMAZING next to him…


Thanks, Breitbart for talking about something that we can all agree on: the Styx “Behind the Music” has EVERYTHING that you would want in an hour of television…. triumph, personal tragedy, and lots and lots of bitchy back-stabbing by the

Animated Short

Dammit… I had $20 on Oktapodi winning this thing…

Jack Black

I know he played it up, but, I think that there was an ounce of legitimate outrage on Kung Fu Panda losing to Wall-E. Of course, the problem was that it was just better than his movie (and I did

First for Slumdog

Get used to hearing about “Slumdog Millonare”… thankfully, that’s the one of these I really liked. I suspect that every film school student needs to say it’s over-rated, but, fortunately, I don’t have to give off faux intellectualism and snobbery


Nice dig at Scientology… in that room? Only Steve Martin and Tina Fey can get away with it…

Nominating process…

So, are they all going to be like this? I didn’t sign on for a seven hour Oscar telecast… Breitbart, you better pay me over time. You guys, we are all getting paid, right?


Hey!!! I have walked up that staircase. I must be famous, too! Thanks Hollywood and Highland.

Little Slumdogs!

All the little slumdogs are adorable. I am sure that there is a columnist for The Guardian across the pond writing about how terrible a person Danny Boyle is because he’s making the kids keep their Frequent Flyer miles until

Done esta Breitbart

Is Breitbart too hetereo for the Red Carpet show, or is he just so in touch with the Metrosexual side of him that loves it that he can’t look away from the screen for even one second? Please discuss, since

Sal as a reviewer

I think that reading the DVD box is more than Jeffrey Lyons’ son Ben Lyons does before proclaiming that he loves a movie, and he’s made it all the way to “At the Movies” now, so, there is no doubt

Anglina looks so…so…

…so much like she barely tolerates every single person on the planet…

Hear that?

Well, the moment that most of America had no idea was coming is nearly here. You can just hear the collective anticipation from coast to coast. Anticipation does sound just like a pin dropping, right?