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Bring the Big Gulp Back to the Big Apple!

Bring the Big Gulp Back to the Big Apple!

Responding to reports of a growing obesity epidemic within the population of New York City, Mayor Michael Bloomberg unveiled a proposal in his office this Wednesday that would ban all sugary drinks larger than sixteen ounces. Indeed, during Bloomberg’s term

A Budget Proposal Endorsed by Jesus Christ…Or Robin Hood?

Taking a break from His busy schedule as the world’s savior and redeemer, Jesus Christ found time two weeks ago to immerse himself in United States Presidential politics, endorsing Obama’s tax plan on wealthy earners. Or at least the President

Democrats: The Only Thing Standing Between Organized Labor and Irrelevance

The proximity of the New Hampshire and South Carolina Republican primaries sets up an interesting discussion over the fate of right-to-work among the states. Indeed, after New Hampshire’s Republican voters cast their ballots for their party’s nominee for the general

New FCC Regulations Highlight How Stupid Liberals Think We All Are

On Friday, the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) saved Americans from the extremely hard and dangerous task of having to manually reduce the volume on their TVs during commercial breaks. Thanks to the leadership of Democratic Representative Anna Eshoo (D-CA), the

We Must Fight For the Voiceless Generations

In 1776, three powerful words, “Taxation without representation!,” incited a small faction of brave American colonists to take up arms against the world’s greatest superpower, the British Empire. In this old regime, our early forefathers were politically voiceless and therefore