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Alexi Giannoulias: All Audacity, All the Time

At some point in the past few weeks, Illinois Treasurer Alexi Giannoulias was sitting in his million-dollar Chicago condo wondering how he could possibly stop the death spiral of his campaign for the United States Senate. It had all seemed

Bush Administration Saw the Market as Key to Health Reform

Judging by their unprecedented use of the word “unprecedented” to describe everything the Obama administration has done it appears that they truly think they have fundamentally changed the national landscape in one short year. Of course, those outside the delusional

There Is Something You Can Do to Stop Obamacare

Politics has often been called the “Art of the Possible.” We have seen many a strange thing happen in the history of American elections. But nothing would be more unexpected, or more immediately helpful to the American people, than if

ObamaCare Won't Work as Promised: Here's the Proof

The controversy surrounding the recent mammography guidelines issued by the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force is a recommendation for swift and decisive defeat of efforts to expand federal oversight of health care. It almost seems as if this was designed

Detainees to Illinois: Can Obama's Home State Sink Even Lower?

Illinois can be extra proud of its Democratic elected officials these days as they have joined to create a perfect storm of stupidity resulting in the possibility that terrorist detainees may be transferred to an unopened new prison in the

More Stimulus Math: Cooking the Books on Stimulus Jobs

Earlier this year the federal government sent $3 billion tax dollars to the state of Illinois to provide financial support for education as part of the American Recovery and Investment Act of 2009, a.k.a. “the stimulus,”. Not for building schools,

Obama and the Nobel: Right Man, Wrong Prize

The Norwegian Nobel Committee wanted to let everyone know that they really like Barack Obama. They approve of his political views and they want him to remake the world according to his vision. Okay, we get it. The Norwegians, one

Obama and Health Care: The Silver Tongue Versus the Tin Ear

Over the past several tumultuous months America has seen the Democratic Party’s ambitious attempt to restructure health care slam head-on into the obstacle of public opinion. The American people are learning first hand the answer to the age old question

NEA Conference Call: Get 'em While They're Young Mr. President

The participant list prepared for the White House/NEA/Ministry of Propaganda organizational conference call included autobiographical blurbs to apparently help the call’s organizers identify the participants since none of the “artists” involved could be considered a household name. That is unless

Politics Aside, Propaganda isn't Pretty

There are two things fundamentally wrong with the Obama administration’s efforts to turn the arts into a vehicle for political advocacy. First, it is an egregious abuse of power both in terms of misappropriation of public resources and a chilling

Rev. Jackson to the rescue of Obamacare

We can all be grateful that the Rev. Jesse Jackson has taken time away from his primary job of extorting money from corporate America fearful of his histrionic accusations of racism to cut through the rhetorical clutter and get to

And You Thought This Was All About Health Care…

The all-consuming debate over health care has effectively sucked all of the oxygen out of the policy world leaving little room for discussion, let alone action on other major elements of the progressive agenda–or so it would seem. The mammoth