Doug Haaland

Comment: Hold Sanctuary Cities Liable for Crimes

Congress should enact legislation compelling elected officials, like those in San Francisco, to be held to the same standard of care and conduct to which we hold others in our society.

Ross Mirkarimi (Ben Margot / Associated Press)

Liberal Hypocrisy: Death Penalty and State-Sanctioned Suicide

In our society, the act of dying is treated respectfully as a private affair. This is because it is an emotionally difficult process for the living and often a painful one for the dying. As all of us can or will attest, dealing with death is difficult and in my own case the loss of my brother to a terminal illness brought these issues home.

Brittany Maynard (Maynard family / Associated Press)

California’s Liberal Tax Utopias Cancel Out

Politicians–and liberals–live to provide people with a world where everyone and everything “wins.” Whether it’s water, the environment, or any number of other ills facing our, state the answer to every question is shared sacrifice and more money…your money, to be precise.

California Route 66 (Chuck Coker / Flickr / CC)

Opinion: California Deserves More than 'Eyewash' Ethics

Post Hoc Ergo Propter Hoc–Any fan of the popular West Wing television series remembers when President Bartlett asked his staff in the Oval Office the English translation of this Latin phrase. You’ll also remember that our TV President provided the

Opinion: California Deserves More than 'Eyewash' Ethics