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Pros and Cons of iPhones for Citizen Journalists

An iPhone or a smart phone can be a wonderful thing. You can do… well, darn near anything with it, including record for posterity any event within eye-range–or should I say, I-range. Unless you want to become famous (or infamous),

Warren Buffett Buys Omaha World-Herald

Besides mowing lawns and shoveling snow, my very first job as a lad was an Omaha World-Herald newspaper route. I delivered the paper every day to about 40 customers in the south end of Council Bluffs, Iowa. That’s why the

How Media Bias Is Revealed and What to Do About It

Newsweek magazine has brought the subject of media bias to the forefront with this week’s cover photo and headline. It features a photo of Republican congresswoman and presidential candidate Michele Bachmann with a crazed look behind the intentionally nasty headline,

Think the Press is Free? Think Again.

You might think because of the First Amendment that the press will always be free. Think again. There are those at work today who would like the government to nationalize the news media much like they did the banks and

Top 20 Most Useless College Majors: Journalism Is #1

The Daily Beast posted an article recently titled, “20 Most Useless College Majors.” The journalists who wrote the story concluded that a B.A. in journalism is the most useless degree of all. According to the report, data from the U.S.

CNN's Ratings Boosted by Citizen Journalists

Lately CNN’s ratings have been in the ditch – often in last place against its cable news rivals. But the ratings shot up when CNN used on-the-scene citizen reporters during the Japanese earthquake and tsunami, according to The New York

Are the Reports of Mainstream Journalism's Death Overstated?

Google “demise of journalism” or some variation of the idea and those clever little spiders the Google gurus generate will find nearly a million websites for you to check out. You’ll read about J-schools closing, newspapers struggling and media departments