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Obama Thinks Iran Is ‘Rational’

In an interview with Jeffrey Goldberg in The Atlantic, President Obama has launched a fresh tirade against Israel, criticising it for comments Prime Minister Netanyahu made during the recent Israeli election, and articulating his personal agenda to “remake the world”. Here

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We Were Wrong About Climate Refugees

It’s a difficult thing to admit when you are wrong. Several years ago, the United Nations suggested we would soon have to deal with refugees fleeing the impact of climate change. Many of us, myself included, scoffed at the idea.


Israel Will Strike Iran First To Thwart Nuclear Attack

 Israel is not in a pleasant situation. Every day, her arch enemy Iran draws closer to refining enough uranium to build 100s of nuclear weapons. Every day the Iranian program becomes more difficult to dislodge – as the uranium is

Israel launches airstrike on Hamas target in Gaza

Blackberry’s Outrageous Attempt to Stifle Market Freedom

BlackBerry CEO John Chen thinks that it is unfair that his company is unpopular with independent mobile app software developers, but Chen has a solution: He wants politicians to pass a law, to force software developers to release a Blackberry