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Media Circles Wagons to Protect Warren Over 'Native American' Flap

Media Circles Wagons to Protect Warren Over 'Native American' Flap

Must-read from Guy Benson at Townhall: Journalists overwhelmingly support Democrats, yet many delude themselves about their own capacity for objectivity. What would be a “deeply troubling” story if its subject were a conservative magically transforms into a silly and petty

'Law & Order' Deserved a Proper Series Finale

“Objection, your honor.” – Jack McCoy Law & Order devotees have subconsciously felt this moment coming for some time, but now that the axe has finally fallen, many of us are grappling with television-induced heartache. NBC confirmed Friday that it

Defund Planned Parenthood

Some people may not abhor Planned Parenthood for its past and present racism and abortion profiteering. Others may shrug at its systemic, criminal avoidance of statutory rape laws, and tawdry “sexual education” guides aimed at teenagers. But perhaps even some

Government-Devised Mortgage 'Rescue' Fails

In my piece over the weekend, I cited the Obama administration’s “Making Home Affordable” mortgage bailout plan as a paradigmatic example of why the public is right to distrust the federal government’s capacity to manage health care. I quoted a

Tipping the Scales Against Washington

Several hours into last month’s marathon health care summit, President Obama became exasperated. Republican lawmakers Rep. Paul Ryan and Sen. Jon Kyl had plainly laid out their party’s objections to his massive legislation by emphasizing a major philosophical point of

The New York Times Owes Jason Mattera an Apology

My friend Jason Mattera, Young America’s Foundation spokesman and conservative gadfly, is never afraid to speak his mind. Even if you don’t totally embrace his style, he’s thoroughly entertaining and a really great, energetic guy. What he’s not, however, is

'Law and Order' Tackles Abortion

NBC’s venerable crime procedural, “Law & Order,” has endured a fair amount of deserved criticism around here lately. Big Hollywood’s thoughtful critiques of the show’s leftward slide and irksome predictability are, sadly, valid. Like many L&O fans, I’ve been forced

'Top Chef: Las Vegas' – Progress Report

We’re about midway through the current season of Top Chef, and in case you’ve missed it, here’s all you need to know: There are four clear favorites and two potential dark horses. Everyone else is dead weight, as far as

Behold: 'Arrested Development' Documentary in the Works

As Big Hollywood’s self-proclaimed Arrested Development Superfan, it is my sacred obligation to make fellow enthusiasts aware of The Arrested Development Documentary Project, which just recently came to my attention. The film’s website is a bit confusing, especially when it

'Top Chef Masters' Starts Wednesday

Big news for Top Chef enthusiasts: Bravo’s spin-off series featuring celebrity chefs competing for charity debuts Wednesday night at 10pm ET. I still have a bad taste in my mouth from last season, largely due to Hosea’s undeserving triumph, so

The Soup: Mmm-Mmm Good

Is your TiVo programmed to record such timeless TV classics as: The Hills, America’s Next Top Model, For the Love of Ray-J, Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Denise Richards: It’s Complicated, Rock of Love, Charm School, Daisy of Love, Bad

Review: State of Play

I caught a media screening of the new Russell Crowe flick, State of Play, in Chicago this week. It did not disappoint. The film’s trailers promise a taut, political thriller with a number of dramatic plot twists–and the movie delivers

Kumar Goes to the White House

According to the Wall Street Journal (and linked in the headlines), actor Kal Penn–known best as Kumar, a pot-smoking, fun-loving, trouble-seeking character in the profoundly stupid Harold and Kumar series–is leaving Hollywood to work in the Obama administration: Penn, best

'Top Chef New York': Why It Sucked

Yes, I’m a fan of “Top Chef.” No, I won’t apologize. Season four–based here in Chicago–was outstanding, transforming Wednesday nights into ‘Padma night’ at my apartment. Sadly, the recently concluded fifth season left quite a bit to be desired. After

Is '24' Going Soft? Um, No…

A few weeks ago, I offered my thoughts on the new season of 24, aiming to quell concerns that the show had ‘gone soft’ in the age of Obama. The piece highlighted the contemptible pansiness of a Lefty senator (Kurtwood

The Midnight Hour

It’s creeping ever closer. I’m turning in for the night. Thanks, all. This was fun…aside from, you know, most of the actual ceremony.

Happy to Lose?

Did anyone else catch the “joy” Anne Hathaway feigned when it was announced that Kate Winslet had beaten her for best actress? She actually mouthed an enthusiastic “yes!” upon discovering that she had lost. I think it’s classy to be

Sophia Loren

Yikes. Remember my comment about Frieda Pinto? Not applicable.

Painfully Long

I know it’s trite to complain about the length of the Oscars, but I’m fidgety and bored. This entire production is far, far too long. The Academy Awards can (and should) be a delight to watch. Instead, I’ve been stifling

Best Director Nominees

Christopher Nolan must be thinking, “what the hell does a guy have to do?”

'Slumdog' Love

I saw the film yesterday, and really enjoyed it. That said, it’s getting a bit too much love tonight. I’m beginning to suspect that my NYU film student brother is right: It’s an undeserving lock for the top prize.

Off the air?

ABC cut out here in DC for about a minute. I knew the recession was affecting advertising, but wow…

A nod to movies that people actually like

That upbeat montage of cool stunts and effects from Bond, Batman, Indiana Jones, Iron Man etc. was a much-needed jolt of caffeine. Good line by Will Smith: Yes, these movies have actual fans. And of course, boring Button wins anyway.

Hitting on Mademoiselle McCain

She seems to be holding the attention of the men of Big Hollywood more successfully than this unending awards show.


High School Musical 3 be in the same montage with Singin’ in the Rain and Chicago? Really?

More singing from Hugh

Not necessary. Please get to best supporting actor. OH WAIT, IT’S BEYONCE.

An Expert's Best Picture Prediction…

…and by “expert,” I mean my brother at NYU film school. He is convinced that ‘Slumdog Millionaire” will take home best picture, although he doesn’t think it deserves to win.