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Free Speech on Campus, 2010 Obama Edition

[youtube e569FqOLhsQ&feature nolink] Over at Gateway Pundit, Jim Hoft reports: It begins… School officials at Palm Beach State College kicked members of the Young America’s Foundation off campus after they saw anti-Obama literature at their table. It was offensive. Administrators

How the New York Times Continues to Delude Its Readers

From 30 Rock: Jenna (Jane Krakowski): “You’ve got to lie to her, coddle her, protect her from the real world.” Jack Donaghy (Alec Baldwin): “I get it! Treat her like the New York Times treats its readers.” If you were

Live on Tape — It's the Media Matters Slumber Party!

How does Greg Gutfeld do it? Get those hidden robocams into the inner sanctum sanctorum of the super top-secret, George Soros-funded clubhouse of the super-defensive hacks and non-entities known as Media Matters for America? But he does: [youtube HxPHgnlzc_U&feature nolink]

Andrew Sullivan, Knickers In a Twist, Contemplates Sarah's Fence

First it was Bristol Palin’s pregnancy. Then it was Sarah Palin’s very existence. And now, courtesy of the once-interesting but now completely unhinged blogger/amateur gynecologist Andrew Sullivan, it’s the Palin Family Fence. You heard that right. [youtube G4p4N9CTUu8 nolink] Poor

You Thought They Were In Bed Together — They Are In Bed Together

Really, can it get any worse? Can once-proud media organizations sully themselves any more? Andrea “NBC News, Washington” Mitchell married to Alan Greenspan. Christiane Amanpour married to former Clinton Administration mouthpiece Jamie Rubin. Speaking of Clinton hacks, James Carville and

You, Too, Can Write a Frank Rich Column!

Did you ever wish you were one of those big-time journalists in Manhattan, sitting in a nice office, opining on the state of the world each week and getting well paid for it? Would you like to say the same

The Mainstream Media: Fourth Estate Or Fifth Column?

The AP story announcing the shift in Administration policy is incorrect. The Obama Administration has, in fact, redoubled its efforts to rid the world of extremist jihadists and terrorists — as long as they are connected with the Tea Party

Prez Throws Like Girl, Not Koufax, Media Cheers Anyway

As everyone from Jean-Paul Sartre to Tiger Woods has taught us, authenticity is a big thing in modern life. We want people, especially the ones we idolize or elect, to be who they say they are. We scorn the poseur

Who's Really Behind the Glenn Beck Boycott?

Boycotts could be considered an All American protest. The act of refusing to purchase the goods or services of a targeted product pre-dates the republic, with angry colonists refusing to buy tea following the British Parliament’s enactment of the 1773

MSM Discovers Christians Marketing to Christians — How Dare They!

Claude Brodesser-Akner has a column in New York Magazine‘s new culture blog (Vulture) recently in which he sounds a warning, in hushed conspiratorial tones, about an effort underway by Hollywood to use Evangelical/Christian organizations to spread the word of their

Maureen Dowd/Frank Rich Deep Thought of the Week

For years, the New York Times‘s Maureen Dowd and Frank Rich have played the same journalistic card trick: Take the hot button issue of the week, cross it with the latest pop culture reference and – voila! – Times readers