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Fearless: The Art of Breitbart

Fearless: The Art of Breitbart

Andrew Breitbart was a force of nature. A merry prankster, who loved life, lived it passionately; each day to the max. A man who truly was FEARLESS.  When I heard the news on that fateful morning, I was in shock. I

David Lynch: Everyday People

One day last summer, I had the good fortune to stumble across a unique Internet documentary series, presented by acclaimed artist and director, David Lynch: Interview Project. The series, which began in June 2009, is now winding its way towards

Foreign Films Are Cool…

…And sometimes they’re down right exceptional. Paging Mr. Schlichter…paging Mr. Kurt Schlichter. You see, while reading the recent article, “Top 10: Lead Performances of the Last 25 Years” I stumbled across these words: “And you film snobs out there are

Movies We Like: 'Inside Moves' (1980)

Friendship. Love. Dreams. All good stuff in life. “Inside Moves” is a little gem of a film, director Richard Donner knocked out back in 1980 between, among others, “Superman” and “Lethal Weapon.” Working from a solid script by Valerie Curtin

Jimmy Crowley: One Good Cop

I like Sgt. James Crowley. I like him a lot. Jimmy, from all accounts, has shown himself to be a stand-up guy. A good man, a good cop. Someone who is respected and loved by the people who matter most

Priorities in Life

And so I found myself awake at 2:29 Friday morning. Unable to sleep, thinking of Marc Lee. Marc Alan Lee, a brave young man, who made the ultimate sacrifice, on August 2, 2006, while serving with our troops in Iraq.

Bill Maher: Harmless

While I’d be the first to admit I’m not quite Alan Alda, I like to think I’m still a feminist, in a Flintstone sort of way (read conservative). Yeah, my wife would probably be the first one to tell you,

Real Time, Real Man: Maher Takes His Shot at Palin

Here we go again. During his opening monologue on ‘Real Time’ Friday night, Bill Maher, couldn’t resist piling on to the David Letterman controversy and the sex jokes made by him earlier in the week regarding Sarah Palin’s daughter. In

Winners and Losers

A few days ago I wrote an article to post at Big Hollywood, which was motivated in part by my reaction to watching the video of Jamean Garofalo, who recently appeared as a guest on Meek Olberdogg’s ‘Putdown’ Show. Clearly,

Conservatives: A Love Story

My wife loves me. Despite the fact I’m an actor, she loves me. She thinks I’m the most talented guy on the planet, even as work continues to dry up. The eternal optimist to my ever lovin’ pessimist. I’m a