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Life Lesson for 129 Teams With a Chance, 46 Eliminated Thursday

All of the 129 teams that still have a chance at an NCAA bid should take a lesson from Providence Coach Ed Cooley’s final words in Madison Square Garden, in response to a Breitbart Sports question Thursday about how to deal with the loss that ended their six-game winning streak.

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DePaul, 175 Other Teams Eliminated; 175 Alive for NCAA Title

Breitbart Sports asked the last question to Billy Garrett Jr. as a player for DePaul University, as his hopes of making March Madness died, just like players from 175 other teams. The simplified conference-by-conference list of the 175 teams alive now shows the day of their next conference playoff game, and the chance they will make the tournament if they do not win the automatic bid.

Josh Hart, Eli Cain

Basketball Game Breaks Out at Big East Fight

Chris Mullin and John Thompson screamed at each other and the St. John’s and Georgetown players at Madison Square Garden seemed near to blows as cheer leaders scattered and referees started issuing technical fouls and a flagrant and screamed at players to separate. As the Madison Square Garden camera panned to Allen Iverson in the stands, the old Big East that launched ESPN seems to be back with 8:35 to go in a No. 8 vs. No. 9 conference championship opener led by St. John’s 59-55.

st johns georgetown

174 Teams Fighting for Final 24 March Madness Spots

Iona pulled out an 87-86 OT thriller to claim the MAAC, and South Dakota State outdid them with thrillers Monday and Tuesday to claim the Summit bid to March Madness, leaving 174 teams vying for the final 24 spots.

Ben Simmons

23 Teams Eliminated, Leaving 261 Competing for March Madness

Jacksonville State became the 25th team to make the tournament, winning the Ohio Valley Conference title Saturday after stunning heavy favorite Belmont in the semifinals en route to their first March Madness appearance. For 23 other teams the chances of March Madness ended with conference tournament losses and a 0% chance of an at-large bid.

Mark Few, Nigel Williams-Goss

67 Teams Eliminated, 284 Left for 68 Bracket Spots

The Conference Basketball championships are in fact the opening rounds of March Madness for teams that do not have a chance for an at-large bid to the tournament – and the following is the conference breakdown of 284 teams that still have a chance after 67 teams were eliminated.

Frank Mason III, Manu Lecomte

ESPN Agrees With Value Add on Mason Passing Hart for POY

Thursday ESPN announced “Josh Hart has led our @Wendys #WoodenAward board nearly the entire year,@KUHoops’ Frank Mason has forced a change,” four days after Breitbart Sports made the same announcement (Mason Passes Hart for POY).

Frank Mason III, Manu Lecomte

Mason Passes Hart for POY; Final 4 AZ, UNC, Nova, Zags

Kansas Frank Mason torched the 6th best defense in the country to pass Villanova’s Josh Hart in the two way race for Player of the Year, according to However, the Value Add team rankings place Hart’s Villanova in the Final Four along with Gonzaga, UNC and Arizona.

Charlie Brown, Eric Paschall

Hart Holds off Mason for POY Despite Struggles vs. UVa and Marquette

Frank Mason is worth 12.35 additional points per game to Kansas, enough to turn a would-be 6-point loss to Kentucky Saturday into a 79-73 win according to That performance moved Mason close to the No. 1 spot in the Player of the Year tally due to Marquette and Virginia holding Villanova’s Josh Hart (13.03) in check.

Isaiah Wilkins, Eric Paschall

Wooden Award Agrees on 5 of top 6 Value Add Players

Objective and subjective methods each have advantages, but the Wooden Award team released a mid-season list of potential Players of the Year that included the top four Value Add Basketball players, leaving off only No. 5 TJ Williams from little-known Northeastern.

Terance Mann, Grayson Allen, Like Kennard

UCLA, Kentucky Freshman Duos Shoot for Title

Two of the last three teams to have freshman duos among the Top 100 Value Add Basketball players have won the national title – and this season both UCLA and Kentucky have a chance to keep history going.

Dillon Brooks, Bryce Alfor

Value Add Top 50 Teams with Shot at March Madness

The midseason arrival and departures of college basketball players in December lets us put together the first true Top 50 teams with the best chance at March Madness success.

Grayson Allen, Matt Jones, Joshua Langford

The Mirage is False: Hart Improves Villanova Margin by up to 12

Mirage Manager Jeff Stoneback is a betting line genius, but wrong on one point in this interview with Covers, Value Add Basketball calculates there is no way the best player in college basketball (Villanova’s Josh Hart) is worth only two points a game to Villanova.

Josh Hart, Ryan Fazekas

32 All-Conference Teams; Duke Duo Makes 1st Team All-American

For the first time we failed to release a preseason Value Add Basketball team together because – well we were distracted by number crunching on a Presidential Election. However, today we at least put out “pre-conference play” All-Conference and All-American teams.

Grayson Allen, Antonio Vrankovic, Isaac Johnson, Jake Wilson

Top 25: UNC No. 1, Utah Best Dark Horse for Bettors

UNC debuts at No. 1 in the Breitbart Sports college basketball rankings, but bettors should look to Utah for the best chance at a big payout. Utah is unranked in the coaches’ and sports writers’ polls, but Value Add Basketball calculates the 6-foot-10 December transfer David Collette will make them up to eight points a game better to project as the 12th best team in the country.

HOUSTON, TX - MARCH 27: Cheerleaders of the Utah Utes perform against the Duke Blue Devils during the South Regional Semifinal round of the 2015 NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament at NRG Stadium on March 27, 2015 in Houston, Texas. Duke won 63-57. (Photo by Lance King/Getty Images)

L.A. Times: Trump Up 7 over Clinton; Breaks 20% Among Blacks

The latest USC Dornsife/Los Angeles Times tracking poll puts Republican nominee Donald Trump up nearly 7 points over Democratic rival Hillary Clinton as of Sunday morning. He also hit an all-time high of 20.1% among black voters.

Rev. Faith Green Timmons interrupts Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump as he spoke during a visit to Bethel United Methodist Church, Wednesday, Sept. 14, 2016, in Flint, Mich.