John Rosenberg

Democrats Make Gains… At the Washington Post

The lead article in Tuesday’s Washington Post declared in a big, bold headline: GOP Retains Edge as Elections Near. The sub-head added: Democrats Have Cut Into Lead. By early afternoon, however, the editors apparently changed their minds about the news

JournoLista Tumulty, now at WaPo, Keeps Her Bias Intact

I have written here several times recently about the all too visible partisanship of the Washington Post, but Karen Tumulty‘s lead article on Sunday (August 8), “In Va.’s 5th, incumbent Democrat Tom Perriello sees voter frustration firsthand,” takes the cake.

Eugene Robinson, the Washington Post's Post-Partisan

Eugene Robinson, the name-calling scourge of all critics of Obama who writes one of the anti-conservative columns at the Washington Post and serves the same function on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” has just provided another example of what post- — or

The Washington Post Apologizes

On Sunday the Washington Post ombudsman, Andrew Alexander, issued an interesting apology for his paper’s failure to write about the Department of Justice’s handling of the Philadelphia New Black Panther Party case. After summarizing the case and the controversy over

MSM Ignored Racial, Gender Quotas in Financial Reform Bill

Do you know — and more important, do your Representatives and Senators know — that the just-passed Dodd-Frank financial reform bill will unleash a tsunami or racial quotas on financial regulatory agencies and, inevitably, on the financial industry itself? Not