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Iran, Mexico, Furious Assassins: Manufactured Crisis, World War III?

As I predicted the day after his election, Obama and his radical clique are hell-bent on destroying the traditional USA. Stymied in their overt attempts–ObamaCare, trillion-dollar stimulus deficit spending, financial reforms–they’ve resorted to covert actions. This is their comfort zone–lie,

Libya: Proof that PC-Progressives Lack Core Values

Unprecedented is putting it mildly. A strong ally in the global war on terror, Libya’s former strongman, Moammar al-Gaddafi, renounced his weapons of mass destruction program after he saw America’s resolve and military power in Afghanistan and Iraq. He surrendered

Foreign Influence in American Politics–Imad Ramadan in Virginia

As I’ve advocated for some time now, the American political system needs to better vet our candidates. Barack Obama was allowed to pass through without providing basic details about his background. Is vetting of Republicans/conservative candidates any better? Imad “David”

Obama, Osama, and Gaddafi: Why Barack Obama Loves Covert Ops

Congratulations to Barack Obama and John Brennan. They evidently used the resources available to them to implement George W. Bush’s policies in the Global War on Terror. A quick and lethal covert action followed a decade-long intelligence operation, that began

Failure of Understanding: Fire John Brennan

Late Thursday morning, President Obama’s CIA Director, Leon Panetta (a former Congressman and White House Chief of Staff with zero intelligence community experience) testified to the House Intelligence Committee that Egyptian President Mubarak “will step down this evening.” Four hours

Ronald Reagan–Shining President on a Hill–Led Me to the Future

The first Presidential election I was old enough to vote was 1980, Ronald Reagan’s first successful run. My journey during his two terms was a miracle–from a lost anti-American liberal to a proud American veteran and conservative. Was that a


Tweedle-dee, Tweedle-dumb, and…huh? Barack Obama’s handlers and speech writers revealed their re-election strategy last night in his State of the Union speech. The Obama clique thinks they are replicating Slick Willy Clinton’s (and Dick Morris’s) triangulation strategy after the electoral

WikiLeaks: Pure Anarchy

Anarchists in the 19th and early 20th centuries plotted violence against governments around the globe. Their anti-organization philosophy was attractive to a strange fringe of social misfits. Some recognized the reality of might versus right. Some advocated illegal acts to

'Don't Ask, Don't Tell': Tilting at Lavender Windmills

We are a nation at war. We are engaged in combat in two countries. We have combat and support troops in scores of countries around the globe. Hostile groups plan and operate 24 hours a day against us. They would

North Korea: President Obama, Time To Be A Leader

The two remaining members of the Axis of Evil, Iran and North Korea, have made clear their lack of respect for our callow and shallow President, as he traipsed around the world with his gold-plated posse in tow. Tehran continues

Negotiate with the Taliban–How Many Eggheads Make an Omelette?

Obama wants to negotiate with the Taliban? What sort of brilliant strategist devised that idea? I’ll see your Holbrooke, and raise you a Hillary. Not since the waning days of the Johnson administration has America had so many clueless eggheads

Ministry of Truth Declaration: Combat is Assistance

American troops on an Iraqi Army base in Baghdad laid down heavy “assistance” fire with their “assistance” M4’s last week. Despite Barack Obama’s stone-faced declaration that US military forces in Iraq are not actually “combat” troops, our combat troops did

'Good War' Counter-Insurgency Rx–Colonize or Go Home (Part 2)

Read part I of this post here. Another highly successful counter-insurgency occurred in Hungary in 1956. Hungary was occupied by the Soviet Union after WWII. After a typical communist charade of free elections, the Hungarian government became a de facto

'Good War' Counter-Insurgency Rx–Colonize or Go Home (Part 1)

President Obama on Tuesday declared Iraq a done deal. Okay, he didn’t support the surge, back in the Bush days. He and his anti-war pals in the Senate declared the war lost years ago. His progressive world-view won’t allow him

Covert Influence–Russian Operations Changed America (Part 3)

Political Correctness 2010: Reflexive Loathing of the United States It is not likely that any of the ComIntern covert influence operators realized that they were creating a monster that would grow for decades. They likely believed that after a few

Covert Influence–Russian Operations Changed America (Part 2)

Covert Influence Not Propaganda In covert influence, the payload is subtle. When done correctly, it is hard to identify the payload as anything but the creator’s point of view. The payload is disguised as critical thinking, cultural criticism, or intellectual

Covert Influence–Russian Operations Changed America (Part 1)

This June the FBI arrested a group of Russian intelligence officers and agents. American commentators were puzzled at the spies’ lack of success in stealing “secrets.” Even though the KGB has enjoyed great success in covert influence operations against the