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When Clergy Demonize Police and the GOP

Here in the bloodbath known as Chicago, it certainly doesn’t help matters when someone like the politically-connected and local media darling Father Michael Pfleger accuses the police of genocide.

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Is Archbishop Blase Cupich Blowing the Smoke of Satan?

The Chicago Cubs could very well win the World Series this season after a 107-year drought. The oh-so-humble Archbishop Blase Cupich could very well run the church in Chicago into the ground in a fraction of that time.

Priest in Mexico/Catholicism

Abusive Catholic Priests Working in South America

If there’s one thing that’s damaged the credibility of the Catholic Church over the last 13 years, it’s the clergy sex abuse scandal. In addition to making national and international headlines, it has cost the American church nearly $2.9 billion dollars since 2004.

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Trump, The Pope and The Popularity of Crudity

Part of me gets a big kick out of Trump’s sometimes-crude retorts to his critic’s questions and assertions. One could be tempted to say, “Hey, we’re not electing a pope here.” And that’s true. Yet even the pope—the current pope, to be clear—is not beyond using crudity to make a point.