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Feast of San Gennaro: Hollywood Comes Out to Honor the Troops

This past Thursday night, I attended the Prima Notte Gala at the Los Angeles Feast of San Gennaro in Hollywood, hosted by Jimmy Kimmel and Adam Carolla. This was a fundraising event and auction held to pay tribute to the

REVIEW: 'The Pacific' — Episodes 3 & 4

I’ve been paging through this old scrapbook that Uncle Pete sent me. An Australian woman named Jean made it for him during the war. She must have spent tens of hours clipping out all the news articles and arranging them

REVIEW: 'The Pacific' Episode 2 – 'Raggedy-Ass Marines'

Last week, Uncle Pete sent me a box full of history. Books, photos, news clippings and the granddaddy of them all… a scrapbook meticulously prepared and maintained by an Australian girl during the war and sent to Uncle Pete’s mother.

HBO's 'The Pacific': An Interview with Jon Seda

UPDATE: “The Congressional Medal of Honor” is now listed as the “Medal of Honor” and the “Gladiator” film mentioned is no longer listed as the version directed by Ridley Scott. Thanks to our ever helpful fact-checking commenters. Ed. Note: Starting

REVIEW: 'Dear John' Understands Military Duty & Commitment

This weekend, on the recommendation of a friend, my wife and I went to see “Dear John”. I know, I know… I’m a little late to the game. It seems this is the movie that briefly unseated the mighty “Avatar”

REVIEW: 'Brothers at War' Deploys on DVD Tuesday

[Ed. Note: See below for a special DVD purchase promotion for Big Hollywood readers. Own a great film, save a little money, and best of all, support our troops and their families.] The moment I saw that long line of