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Gay Culture is Dead

One of the best things about being gay is that you can totally objectify and degrade your sexual partners without being accused of sexism. That, and the promiscuity and the drugs. But I find myself increasingly in the minority these days


‘I taught Shanley Kane how to troll, and I’m sincerely sorry’

San Francisco-based feminist troll Shanley Kane is a racist “full of hatred” who as recently as 2012 expressed disgust at interracial relationships and who uses racially-charged epithets to describe black people, a former boyfriend has claimed. “I’ve never made a sincere


Why 2015 is my year of ‘cruel food’

My colleague James Delingpole likes to say that the best fur is cruel, rare fur. The same law holds just as well for food. In fact, I feel confident he would agree with me that virtually all the most enjoyable experiences


Intel partners with Israel-hating far-left feminist Jonathan McIntosh

Microchip manufacturer Intel, which has close ties to the state of Israel, has partnered with a radical far-left feminist activist who hates Israel, has accused the state of building an “apartheid wall” and has described Israeli government spokesman Mark Regev


Nigel Farage is Right: We Must Protect our Judeo-Christian Heritage

Yesterday, Nigel Farage hit out at such delights of modern multiculturalism as female genital mutilation, sharia courts and Pakistani rape gangs, suggesting that what western societies need is “interculturalism” to protect our Judeo-Christian heritage. By invoking God as a moral


Yahoo!’s CEO Must Go

Like most female tech executives, Marissa Mayer is a feminist’s worst nightmare. For one thing, she is ruthlessly focused on merit, claiming to be “gender blind,” which annoys women-in-tech campaigners no end. They say women should be given special consideration


‘Femsteering,’ the crippling disability endangering our roads

You’ve heard of “manspreading,” that odious expression of white male patriarchy in which men sit on the subway or Tube with their legs too far apart and use up all the space, making the delicate wallflowers of the feminist literati


Our response to Charlie Hebdo Should Be Ridicule, Not Retaliation

Our response should be hope: hope that ridicule and not retaliation is our response. Because in the bleak twilight of French grief, when it seems that nothing could ever make good on the loss and violation that these animals have unleashed in one of the world’s great capital cities, what ought to ring out loud and true are not the echoes of gunfire—but guffaws at the proposition that subhumans with submachine guns will undo the achievements of our civilisation.

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Liberal Dhimmitude: 12 Signs You’re Part of the Problem

Dhimmi literally means “protected person,” and the term was originally applied to non-Muslims who capitulated willingly to Islamic expansionism between 638 and 1683, and who lived in Muslim countries as craven second-class citizens. A bit like the French in World War

Alan Greig/Flickr

No Ansar: Odious Islamic troll Mo Ansar banished from public life

Mo Ansar, the discredited fraudster who has tried to pass himself off as an academic, theologian, imam and lawyer despite no qualifications or employment history in any of those fields, made an abortive attempt to return to public life just before


The Reindeer Recipe Book

At my last publication, The Kernel, we published some reindeer cooking tips for Christmas that had readers up in arms. The author, talented young journalist Chris Tilbury, was assaulted by comments from the public for days. Not vegans, incensed at


What is ‘Manspreading’ and Why are People Angry about It?

About three days after death, corpses really start to stink. After rigor and livor mortis, the body’s cells start to rupture–what’s commonly known as putrefaction. This horrific interstitial stage of decomposition is where the unhappy modern feminist movement currently finds


JK Rowling issues blistering bitchslap to Wiccan wannabes

Of the various insights into the diversity of Hogwarts culture JK Rowling has been sharing on Twitter lately, one in particular caught my eye. It wasn’t the revelation, reported by the Guardian, that the school had Jewish wizards. (So what?) Nor was it that Hogwarts


JK Rowling Issues Blistering Bitchslap to Wiccan Wannabes

Of the various insights into the diversity of Hogwarts culture JK Rowling has been sharing on Twitter lately, one in particular caught my eye. It wasn’t the revelation, reported by the Guardian, that the school had Jewish wizards. (So what?) Nor was it that Hogwarts probably had a few poofs in it. (We knew that already, didn’t we?)


Dragon Age: Inquisition (Review)

Dozens of readers have been in touch to ask what I think of perhaps the most controversial triple-A (that’s gamer for “top tier,” or blockbuster) release of the year. For a while, I resisted their entreaties. But ultimately I exist

Dragon Age: Inquisition (Review)

I'm Writing a Book about #GamerGate

GamerGate is the biggest internet storm in a decade–a battle that has spawned an unprecedented four-and-a-half million tweets, death threats, a front-page story in the New York Times, a segment on The Colbert Report, cost Gawker Media over a million

I'm Writing a Book about #GamerGate

Russell Brand is a Shadow of his Former, Boisterous Self

Something is up with everyone’s favourite crusading comedian, Russell Brand. I watched last night’s Question Time, which pitted Brand against UKIP’s Nigel Farage, to save you the trouble. Here’s what I observed.  These shows are a sort of trial by fire

Russell Brand is a Shadow of his Former, Boisterous Self

#GamerGate Anti-Bullying Campaign cost Gawker over a Million Dollars

The cost to Gawker Media of its ridicule and viciousness toward video gamers was “seven figures” in lost advertising revenue, according to the company’s head of advertising, Andrew Gorenstein. In addition, founder Nick Denton has stepped down as president and


The Madness Of Queen Shanley

Most developers in Silicon Valley know feminist agitator and Twitter troll Shanley Kane’s name from Hacker News, a sort of reddit for the people building social networks. She and her supporters regularly appear to derail discussion and spew the sort


Julien Blanc Denied a Visa? We Ought to Be Ashamed of Ourselves

On Channel 4 News last night I discussed the denial of American “pick-up artist” Julien Blanc’s visa. He can’t enter the UK to give men seminars on how to attract women, thanks to an internet campaign and some horrendously poorly-informed

Julien Blanc Denied a Visa? We Ought to Be Ashamed of Ourselves

The Lost Franchise: Why Digimon Deserves a Glorious Renaissance

Japanese culture enjoyed unique purchase on the imaginations of children and teens in the 1990s, creating beloved franchises such as Dragon Ball and Yu-Gi-Oh! In addition to significant financial success, these brands left oversized cultural footprints, thanks to the spread

The Lost Franchise: Why Digimon Deserves a Glorious Renaissance

How British Police Cozy Up to Extremists in the Name of 'Islamophobia Awareness'

British police forces are sharing platforms with Islamic extremists from discredited Islamist organisation MEND, formerly known as iENGAGE—and even co-hosting events with them—throughout November as part of Islamophobia Awareness Month, a Breitbart investigation has revealed. In November, Mark Burns-Williamson, police and crime

How British Police Cozy Up to Extremists in the Name of 'Islamophobia Awareness'

Why Kim Kardashian's Bottom is So Implausibly Huge

Like me, reality television star Kim Kardashian has a big bottom. In fact it’s a gigantic—though very shapely—derrière. It’s kind of a thing. It’s so big that she can apparently balance a coupe on it, if photographs for Paper magazine earlier this week are to

Why Kim Kardashian's Bottom is So Implausibly Huge