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Palin Shines Through the Rain

Sarah Palin arrived to a packed house in the farm-themed “Machine Shed Restaurant” in Urbandale, IA Friday night. The ever-amassing crowd began arriving at about 6:30 p.m. to congregate and socialize with fellow “Palinistas” from across the country. Supporters stood

A Palin Announcement on September 3rd Looks More Likely

If the Republican Presidential race were a poker game, you could say that Palin, the underdog has remained in late position long enough to see the full ring, to expose the live ones. She’s learned their tells, and she’s seen

Mr. Geithner, Your Crystal Ball Is Broken!

Mr. Geithner, please check your crystal ball because it appears to have a major malfunction! Either something’s wrong with the ball or you’ve got a classic case of “operator error” going on. You might look into borrowing your good buddy