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HBO's 'Newsroom' Corrupts Its Own Plea for Balanced Reportage

HBO's 'Newsroom' Corrupts Its Own Plea for Balanced Reportage

I readily enjoyed the first episode of HBO’s latest series, “The Newsroom,” and looked forward to seeing what show creator Aaron Sorkin, the screenwriter behind “The West Wing” and “Moneyball,” had in mind for episode two. For the uninitiated, “The

Both Parties Burden Future Generations in Deficit Talks

Both Parties Burden Future Generations in Deficit Talks

Thursday morning, Politico published three articles with enough depressing information to make anyone concerned about America’s financial future wish they had gone back to bed. According to the articles, Republicans and Democrats are working together in ways that will not please the

For the GOP, Moderate Is the New Conservative

I’ve come to a cross roads, and I believe many of you are with me. I no longer have faith that members of the Grand Old Party can represent me as a classical liberal or more specifically as a Conservative-Libertarian,

Google Learns Government Is Not a Good Business Partner

In 2007 Google decided it wanted a more permanent role in the political game. The company launched its D.C. public policy headquarters the following January. Google and policy makers in D.C. were excited to see this step being taken by

DHS: No Return to Pre-9/11 Freedom. Ever.

Looking back over the last 10 years and thinking about where many of us were and how we felt when the towers fell is surreal. These are sad thoughts. But what I find even more saddening is the fact that

The Universal Service Fund and Taxing Internet Content Providers

This past tax day I wrote an article examining whether the government might soon be coming after content creators like Google or Netflix. Such a notion would leave many in complete befuddlement after the past two years have seen the

Here Comes The Internet Regulatory Creep

Tim Berners-Lee, creator of the World Wide Web, has declared that content should be free and open to all Internet users and that any variation is a violation of the principle of network neutrality. The sentiment is quite different than

Republican Reactive Neutrality

I feel like, “We warned you,” is not quite poignant enough. But well…we warned you. Those of us in the free market technology policy sector have been trying to wake up various think-tanks and Republican politicians alike to the dangers

Hey, Congress: Still Not Yours to Give

Just prior to the introduction of Rep. Paul Ryan’s response to the State of the Union Address, a cohort of mine tweeted, “But first, Paul Ryan’s rebuttal, which will be like Ayn Rand hosting Picture Pages.” I couldn’t help but