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Tech Meets Conservative Politics at #Reboot2015

On Friday, Lincoln Labs, a liberty-oriented technology thought leadership group, opens its second annual conference: #Reboot2015. Featuring an array of experts from across technology, politics and the ideological spectrum, attendees will discuss how technology can and should impact our politics and how we can harness innovation to improve government, society and life for all Americans.

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A Meat-Axe for Surgery: The FCC’s Net Neutrality Proposal

Last week, Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler announced, via an op-ed in Wired, magazine, that the FCC would reclassify the American Internet infrastructure as a utility under Title II of the Telecommunications Act of 1934.

Google to close Russia engineering office ahead of restrictive internet law

Don’t Let Washington Turn the Internet into a Traffic Jam

Here in California, we regularly use the ballot initiative process to govern ourselves. Often, when a well-funded special interest is trying to ram through a change to the state’s laws, the opposition screams that the measure is a “solution without a problem.” The FCC’s potential actions in regards to Title II and the Internet fall in the same category. No one is crying out to be freed from the shackles of anything, anywhere, anytime broadband service.

On Education, CTA Shows Where Its Heart Lies

On Education, CTA Shows Where Its Heart Lies

There is a saying, that to see where someone’s heart is, see how they spend their money. In fact, this proverb is so well-worn, it first appears in the New Testament of the Bible–Luke 12:34—“For where your treasure is, so

Unhand Uber, Leave Lyft Alone, Save Sidecar

Unhand Uber, Leave Lyft Alone, Save Sidecar

It is impossible–actually impossible for the California Legislature not to screw up a good thing. Trees could begin growing dollar bills and they would create a commission to regulate them and charge onerous taxes to the people that picked them.

For Conservatives and Technology, There's No Time to Waste

For Conservatives and Technology, There's No Time to Waste

After watching the 2012 election, three California technologists, Garrett Johnson, Chris Abrams, and Aaron Ginn founded Lincoln Labs because they knew that when it came to political technology, conservatives could not sit back and wait for others to begin applying the